House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made numerous odd claims about the Democrats Trump impeachment hoax in a new ABC interview.


While speaking on ABC’s ‘This Week’ Nancy Pelosi admitted to host George Stephanopoulos what the Democrats only true goal was in their impeachment hoax… To be able to cry “this president is impeached for life”.

While the House passed articles of impeachment against the president, he still technically needs to go through a trial in the Senate to determine his guilt.

One is not “impeached” until a decision is made through a trial.

President Trump’s guilt or innocence would not be officially determined until the Senate votes and with Republicans holding a majority there and the case against the president flimsy at best, it’s highly unlikely Trump will actually get impeached.


A Senate trial is expected to begin within the next few weeks. 

Nancy Pelosi claiming victory on impeachment was not the only odd statement from her Sunday interview.

The stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House also at one point claimed Democrats are “in court” fighting to get Ukraine-specific witnesses to comply with subpoenas put out by Congress.

“We are in court on the witnesses. It could take a very long time,” Pelosi said after Stephanopoulos played a clip of Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins questioning Democrats not legally pursuing compliance with their subpoenas.

It’s unclear what Pelosi means by being “in court” since no Ukraine-specific witnesses have been pursued in court.

The only cases being pursued by Democrats in court are related to grand jury material from Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election and a motion to force Don McGahn to testify about accusations of obstruction of justice related to that same investigation.

Neither of these two cases have anything to do with the Ukraine investigation.



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