Nancy Pelosi stuck a pin in all the Democrats bullsh*t about counting every vote, as she screeched it’s a happy day because President-Elect Joe Biden having a “Tremendous Mandate”.

Putting their ‘Count Every Vote’ idiocy aside,  there is still the fact that some states must perform a recount after President Trump invoked his right to call for one after Joe Biden somehow overcame an insurmountable deficit to win states such as Wisconsin by less than 1%.

Not to mention the SCOTUS ruling on the legality of the Democrats more questionable ‘Steal the vote’ schemes. Not to mention America’s highest court discovering how it is possible that some Democrat counties had more votes than eligible voters?

But nevertheless, the Democrats stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House raised her glass to celebrate Joe Biden’s ‘Tremendous Mandate”.

Hysterically, like her interpretation of what ‘Bipartisan” means, Nancy Pelosi must have a different definition of “tremendous mandate” from every other American.

Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi, not all American’s are Delusional Democrat Drones.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley took issue with Pelosi claiming Biden had a ‘Tremendous Mandate‘ and used other election results to refute that claim:

Journalist and attorney Megyn Kelly also joined in with a reminder for Nancy Pelosi that Liberal Logic doesn’t overcome facts: