During a fundraiser in San Francisco last week Nancy  Pelosi said, “Even if Republicans stonewall the Democrats’ requests to include more witnesses, Democrats have still won an important battle,” she claimed.

“Whatever they do, and however they try to run and hide from the truth, as I have said to the president—you are impeached forever,” Pelosi said, according to NBC News.

Although many Republicans have warned that the Democrats’ impeachment efforts will backfire among independent voters in the swing states, Pelosi claimed that public opinion is on her side.

“Over 70% of the American people have said that they want witnesses, and I think that is the leverage that the Democratic senators have, and hopefully some of the Republican senators as well,” she said.

It is the job of the house to impeach. It is the job of the Senate to try that impeachment. Dems had their chance and want it both ways and now want a do-over. They are all big crybabies because the election didn’t turn out their way.

It remained unclear whether Pelosi also supported the possibility of President Donald Trump’s defense attorneys calling to the stand witnesses like presumed whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Central to Trump’s defense will likely be that the corruption implicating the Bidens and their pay-to-play influence-peddling with the Burisma gas company justified calling on Ukraine to reopen its investigations into them, which had been suspended under duress during the Obama administration.

Pelosi encouraged Democrats to continued their attacks on Trump, regardless of what his defense may reveal.

“What this president did is worse than anything that any president has done,” she alleged, implicitly downplaying historical wrongs such as slavery and the exploitation of American Indians.

“We have to make sure that no president—no matter who he or she may be—can think they can get away with this,” Pelosi continued.

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