Nancy Pelosi’s House Resolution Condemns Trumps ‘anti-Asian’ COVID Slurs, Offers No Help To Americans

Democrats Threaten To 'Go Bold' With or Without Republicans
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In any other time in History naming a virus after the region for which it was bred would have been commonplace. But, in 2020, and with Donald Trump being President, now that long-standing practice has become a racial slur according to Nancy Pelosi’s House Resolution.

The stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives has voted for a resolution condemning terms such as “Chinese virus,” and “Wuhan Virus” as racial slurs.
Of course, the Democrats resolution does nothing to condemn their pandering to their Black Lives Matter mob by adorning themselves with African patterned scarfs, or their mainstream media cohorts using the same exact phrasing that President Trump was now being condemned for.
But, then again, that was when the Democrats were for it, before they were against it. This amazingly, dovetailed nicely with President Trump uttering the supposed racist slurs for the first time.
As TuskerDaily had reported President Donald Trump was first criticized by the Democrats, through thier left-wing media cohorts for accurately identifying the novel coronavirus as the ‘Wuhan virus,’ and/or “Chinese Virus‘…IN MARCH.
But not before the Mainstream Media conveniently had forgotten that they themselves had used the same exact terminology countless times before:

Nancy Pelosi’s House Resolution Does Nothing To Help Americans

Shockingly, NOT Shockingly, Nancy Pelosi’s House Resolution while condemning President Trump, does absolutely nothing to give additional coronavirus relief to Americans.
But, at least the stuttering alcoholic didn’t place any of the blame on Russia.

Before the vote, the Democrats, one-by-one, stood on the House floor insisting that President Donald Trump’s rhetoric has increased “discrimination” against Asian-Americans.


As usual, they didn’t explain how or show the slightest proof that this is in any way true.

The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Grace Meng (D-New York) all the way back in March, passed on Thursday in a 243-164 vote.

Watch the Twitter video posted by the ultra-leftist group ‘The Recount

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