NBC Coronavirus Fear-Mongering Lies: Trump’s ‘Best Case’ 100-240k Die

NBC Coronavirus Trump Hate Fear-Mongering Lies
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As we reported earlier, While CBS was reporting on how NYC Hospitals were handling the Coronavirus crisis, and then interviewing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo about the pandemic moving forward, CBS was showing footage of an overwhelmed hospital inundated with COVID-19 victims.

Viewers were given the impression that they were watching a hospital in New York City…

Except, the video CBS was showing was a hospital IN ITALY!

Of course, CBS issued a ‘sorry, not sorry’ apology, claiming it was a simple editing mistake.

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NBC Continues the media’s Trump-Hate Coronavirus Fear-Mongering

Watchers of Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News were given the impression that the Trump administration was content with anywhere between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans dying to the coronavirus in the next few weeks. That’s because correspondent Geoff Bennett flagrantly lied and claimed that projection was their “best-case scenario.” In reality, it was far from it.

Bennett’s false claim came at the tail end of a report where he suggested President Trump’s team of medical professionals had to battle with him to keep social distancing policies in place. “As the administration considers next steps, the White House is now projecting that the country could see between 100,000 to 240,000 deaths resulting from this pandemic. That’s a best-case scenario. Underscoring the stark reality of this crisis,” he told anchor Lester Holt.

Holt himself seemed caught off guard by Bennett’s claim, as he stared blankly before saying he “[s]till can’t wrap [my] mind around those numbers.”

Meanwhile, on the CBS Evening News, they too hyped the projected death toll with anchor Norah O’Donnell declared “today is the day the reality of the staggering death toll hit hard at the White House…” But White House correspondent Weijia Jiang played a soundbite of Dr. Anthony Fauci explaining how they did not accept the project and were working hard to get the number lower:

There was similar Coronavirus fear-mongering on ABC’s World News Tonight from anchor David Muir. “In fact, at one point, they said the current projection showed that even if we all adhere to the social distancing guidelines, the number could be even higher as many as 240,000 dead according to the models they’re looking at right now,” he said speaking about Trump’s team. But there was never a mention of what Dr. Fauci said.

Shortly before the broadcast networks went to air at 6:24 p.m. Eastern (over 30 minutes before NBC Nightly News went to air in the Washington D.C. market), Dr. Fauci had explained to the press how the projection will change as they get more data. “What we do is that every time we get more data, you feed it back in and relook at the model. Is the model really telling you what’s actually going on,” he said.

He added: “And again, I know my modeling colleagues are not going to be happy with me but models are as good as the assumptions you put into them. And as we get more data, then you put it in and that might change. So, even though it says according to the model which is a good model that we’re dealing with, this is full mitigation. As we get more data as the weeks go by, that could be modified.”

So, clearly, Bennet’s declaration that a six-digit death toll was the Trump administration’s “best-case scenario” was total bunk.

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