Despite the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced to come clean about NY skewing their COVID nursing home Death-Toll numbers. NBC News Lestor Holt is still covering for Cuomo’s egregious behavior.

As TuskerDaily reported yesterday New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a press conference following the release of the NY Attorney General’s report that stated the Cuomo administration had fudged the number of deaths from Cuomo’s horrendous COVID Nursing home directive.

During the press conference, Cuomo admitted that up to 13,000 elderly New Yorkers had died from his COVID Nursing Home order, not the 6,000 figure the Cuomo administration had been spewing for months on end.

The news was so bad even CNN began to question the Emmy Award-winning governor’s “leadership.”

Of course, in typical Andrew Cuomo fashion, the New York Governor spent a majority of the press conference blaming everybody except himself.

  • Claimed this ‘controversy’ was politically motivated. Despite the fact that the damning report was released by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who (like Cuomo) is a Democrat.
  • Excused away the undercounting by stating that the total number of deaths was 100% accurate. Of course, Cuomo ignored the real issue of his skewing the numbers for political reasons.
  • Blamed Trump for not providing accurate information.
  • Claimed he was only following CDC protocols, which is another lie.
  • Cuomo screeched that he never actually stated that Nursing Homes MUST take COVID patients. Even though his word salad order implied it. And also for months, EVERY Nursing home openly stated that ‘Cuomo’s nursing home directive forced them to accept without question all elderly COVID patients.

NBC News Lestor Holt Still Covering For Cuomo

The media’s role in enabling Cuomo to get away with his asinine “I’m awesome” narrative can’t be overstated enough.

One would think that after Cuomo admitted to skewing the numbers just to make himself look better. The media would at least tone down their blatant liberal-bias reporting.

But of course, they simply can’t help themselves.

Janice Dean once again exposed the media’s blatant liberal bias.

Dean tweeted that after a Today Show guest stated that “Andrew Cuomo Failed Us”  NBC News and Lester Holt immediately stepped in to cajole the guest into amending what she stated to “New York Failed Us”.


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