New NBC/WSJ Poll: Majority Feel Joe Biden Is Untrustworthy

Trump Slams Biden Called Me Xenophobic When I Issued Coronavirus China Travel Ban
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One would think that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would be faring much better with all the Media bashing President Donald Trump has gone through during the Coronavirus crisis.

Despite the lies MSM and the Democrats have been pushing such as ‘Trump was slow to address the Coronavirus,’ or as we witnessed just yesterday, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Swalwell claiming “Trump called the Coronavirus a Hoax.”

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank when it comes to the American voters.

While low approval ratings are nothing new for President Trump, especially with liberal outlets carrying out, and skewing the polling. Joe Biden’s numbers are far worse.

According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating was sitting at just 37 percent.

Biden’s bottom-feeder approval number is made even worse by the fact that this NBC/WSJ poll skewed left.

  • 41% – Strong/Not Strong/Leaned Democrat 
  • 15% – Strictly Independent
  • 37% – Strong/Not Strong/Leaned Republican
  •  7% – Not Sure i.e. morons

Just top show how skewed this NBC/WSJ poll is. Despite showing that 51% of Americans view President Trump, and his job performance, negatively. 

Somehow 61% (+4 points from Dec. 2019) of those polled stated America is on the right track, while only 36% believed the sky is falling. 

Joe Biden Is On The Verge Of Having Dementia 

During the Coronavirus crisis, President Trump has been holding ‘Must See TV‘ daily press briefings, which is seen by millions.

The Trump press briefings often degenerate into a verbal sparring match between the president and the fake news media who ask either ‘Gotcha’ questions, or simply reading some Trump-Hate statement.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, a few weeks ago announced a webcam ‘shadow press briefing’ from his Delaware basement.

But Biden’s highly edited productions quickly faded away, after his campaign would consider it lucky if it was seen by 10,000 people.

When an unedited Joe Biden does appear on live television, he shows why he looks to be on the verge of having his Dementia kicking in bigly.

Just last week Clueless Joe Biden appeared on CNN and stuttered his way through another of his semi-coherent musings.

Not even sympathetic hosts like CNN’s Anderson Cooper could save clueless Joe, as he could only sit there helplessly blinking blankly at the screen, while his mind screamed ‘WTF IS HE TALKING ABOUT?’

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