Liberals are not going to like this

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that while Americans are sharply divided over whether President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office due to his dealings with the Ukraine, they are generally distrustful of Democrats’ handling of the investigative process.

Forty-nine percent responded Congress should impeach and remove the 45th president from office, while 47 percent said it should not. Opinions were largely split along party lines.

The survey also shows significant vulnerabilities for Democrats.

Despite Americans’ mixed views on whether Trump should be impeached, 50 percent disapprove of how the Democrats in Congress have handled the process thus far, compared to 44 percent who approve.

Meanwhile, 65 percent percent say initial hearings should be public, a rebuke of House Democrats who have held confidential hearings up to now. The poll also sheds light on whether Americans believe the Democrats’ investigation into Trump is in good-faith or politically-motivated.


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