New York’s progressive Democratic Attorney General Letitia James accused NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration of blatantly undercounting the number of NY’s COVID Nursing Home Deaths caused by Cuomo’s order, by as much as 50 percent.

In a report released on Thursday, AG Letitia James said that the New York State Health Department only counted people who physically died inside the nursing home.

The Cuomo administration then excluded any person that tragically died from COVID after being transported from their nursing home to a Hospital.

According to the state department’s data, 8,500, not the 6,300 that Cuomo cites, died have from COVID in nursing homes.

But if one were to use Attorney General James’ own estimate that 50 percent more died than what the Cuomo administration recorded, that number goes up to more than 12,000.

The report also says that Cuomo’s March directive that nursing homes had to accept COVID-19 positive patients ‘may’ have contributed to an even higher number of infections.

But why this is a logical assumption, the AG admits that it is something that would be impossible to validate.

The New York Attorney General’s office is now focused on determining if the homes themselves are to blame for not containing the spread once they were forced to admit COVID infected patients.

As of now, twenty nursing homes are facing an investigation from her office.

Those nursing homes under investigation were not named in the AG’s report, which also stated that the nursing homes which they’ve determined were ‘understaffed facilities’ had higher COVID death rates.

Only After Thousands Had Died Did Cuomo Rescind His Order.

Between March and May – when Cuomo reversed the directive after widespread criticism – 6,326 COVID-positive residents were admitted to 310 nursing homes.

Of the approximately 600 public nursing homes in New York, at least 323 homes had never had any infections until afterward the order but there is no data on which accepted COVID-19 patients and which didn’t.

All the report says is that the decision ‘may’ have contributed to it.

‘While additional data and analysis would be required to ascertain the effect of such admissions in individual facilities, these admissions may have contributed to increased risk of nursing home resident infection, and subsequent fatalities (whether due to actual transmission of infection from new residents to incumbent residents, or due to the facilities’ poor self-assessment during the admission process that was followed by failure to provide appropriate care to that patient or other residents.)’

Instead, she says her office is now investigating 20 nursing homes that may not have met safety and cleanliness requirements.

Cuomo’s decision to send thousands of COVID-19 patients back into nursing homes has been widely blamed for the high number of deaths among elderly people in New York.

In March, a directive was issued that said nursing homes had to accept the patients, even if they were COVID positive, and that they had to find a way to care for them while keeping other residents and staff safe from the virus.

He later reversed it but between March and May, 6,326 COVID-positive residents were admitted to nursing homes.

In May, the AP published the first report that New York was undercounting nursing home deaths and the AG’s office launched an investigation.

Every other state has counted both.

Watch MSNBC SHOCKED That New York AG Accused Cuomo Of Undercounting COVID Nursing Home Deaths

Cuomo Pats Himself On The Back For His Incredible Job.

While delusional Democrats screech, without providing a shred of evidence, that former President Donald Trump should be imprisoned for murdering 400,000 Americans.

While Cuomo ignores or attacks anyone who has the audacity to offer even the slightest amount of criticism for his COVID nursing home order.

Despite New York having a total of 42,000 New Yorkers die of COVID, Cuomo never misses an opportunity to self-congratulate himself for the “incredible job that he has done’ during the COVID pandemic.

In fact, As TuskerDaily reported in December, Cuomo going so far as to declare that ‘Santa’s Going To Be Very Good To Me this year for the exceptional job I’ve done.’

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Santa's List



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