Despite months of touting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as the COVID Conqueror, NYC is bracing for new draconian lockdowns as the Big Apple experiences an ‘alarming’ surge in coronavirus cases and New York state’s positivity rate rises to 1.5%.

Guess, Governor Cuomo will need to recall all those “Wake Up America” self-congratulatory Posters so he could add another mountain.

Of course, while the Democrats were screeching about what an incredible job Governor Andrew Cuomo had done in combating the Coronavirus pandemic.

They conveniently forget the fact that under his leadership New York had the highest cases of COVID infections and Coronavirus deaths in America.

Not surprisingly they also ignored the fact that over 6,000 New Yorkers died after Cuomo insanely ordered Hospitals to send infected elderly patients back to unprepared nursing homes.

But what about Cuomo’s “Wake Up America” Poster?

Now months after Andrew Cuomo published his “Wake Up America” self-congratulatory poster. New York City is now bracing for another round of crippling shutdowns as eight neighborhoods are experiencing an ‘alarming’ surge in coronavirus infection rates.

Gov Andrew Cuomo announced the latest positivity rate at a press conference on Monday, saying that spikes in the Big Apple were a ‘big contributor’.

NY Coronavirus COVID poster

Cuomo & De Blasio…The Democrats Dynamic Duo Of Dimwits

New-York-Gov-Andrew-Cuomo-and-NYC-Mayor-Bill-de-Blasio BLM Crime

Mayor Bill de Blasio, like Cuomo, started ringing the COVID alarm bell, warning NYC residents of potential new lockdowns in neighborhoods with surges at a press conference on Friday, saying: ‘It’s something we have to address with a very aggressive public health effort right away.’

De Blasio said that the lockdowns could include the closure of schools in affected areas – throwing yet another wrench into the city’s disastrous road to reopening for in-person classes.

New York City public schools began welcoming students back in the classroom on a rolling basis earlier this month, despite concerns from parents and educators.

At least 150 district employees have already tested positive for the virus, including 108 who came in contact with infected colleagues, according to the New York Post.

In another example of the Democrats infamous ‘transparency,’ NYC’s Department of Education has refused to disclose the total number of teachers and administrators who have been quarantined for 14 days since returning to school buildings on September 8.

NYC Facing Another COVID Crisis:

The highest increase in infections came the Gravesend/Homecrest area in south Brooklyn, where the positivity rate hit 6.75 percent over the weekend.

Other problems areas include Midwood (5.34 percent), Borough Park (4.63 percent), Bensonhurst / Mapleton (4.41 percent), Gerritsen Beach / Homecrest / Sheepshead Bay (3.91 percent), Edgemere/Far Rockaway (3.9 percent), Flatlands / Midwood (3.85 percent) and Kew Gardens (3.82 percent).

The average positivity rate across those eight neighborhoods – which now account for 23 percent of New York City’s more than 238,000 cases – is 3.3 percent higher than the city’s overall positivity rate, which came in at 1.3 percent on Friday.

Top 8 New York zip codes for Coronavirus infection rate


  • 11219 – Borough Park – 17 percent positive
  • 11210 – Flatlands/Midwood – 11 percent positive
  • 11204 – Bensonhurst/Mapleton – 9 percent positive
  • 11230 – Midwood – 9 percent positive


  • 11367 – Kew Gardens – 6 percent positive

Rockland County:

  • 10977 – 30 percent positive
  • 10952 – 25 percent positive

Orange County:

  • 10950 – 22 percent positive
New York City is bracing for another round of crippling shutdowns as eight neighborhoods experience 'alarming' surges in coronavirus infection rates,
New York City is bracing for another round of crippling shutdowns as eight neighborhoods experience ‘alarming’ surges in coronavirus infection rates,