New York Governor Andrew Cuomo the left’s once lauded pandemic hero, who is now beset by numerous scandals, so what better time for liberal apologist Linda Stasi, and the Big Apple’s leftist rag newspaper The New York Daily News to step in and defend Cuomo’s indefensible acts?

As TuskerDaily has been reporting Andrew Cuomo it’s been rough for New York’s sexually assaulting, COVID coverup Governor.

Cuomo’s been accused of sexual misconduct by five different women, and the FBI and New York prosecutors are investigating his March 2020 order which sent Covid-19 patients into nursing homes.

Cuomo is accused of lying in order to hide the true scale of his disastrous COVID order, by fudging the numbers of the more than 15,000 elderly New Yorkers who had died in nursing homes

Amid the twin scandals, Cuomo has been stripped of his emergency powers, thrown under the bus by previously supportive media outlets, and may soon be impeached by Republican lawmakers, if he refuses to heed the calls from his own party to resign.

Enter From Stage Left…The New York Daily News.

Linda Stasi New York Daily News
Linda Stasi New York Daily News

In a terribly-received article published on Monday, writer Linda Stasi argued that New Yorkers shouldn’t let “scandals distract from pandemic competence.”

For Stasi, the “scandals” in question are the “unproven” allegations of sexual harassment, and not the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing-home residents, which aren’t mentioned once in the article.

Stasi instead praises Cuomo’s “mandates, measures, closures and the systematic vaccine rollout” for bringing New York’s 31 percent testing positivity rate last Spring down to one percent by October, and lauds him for standing “up to the biggest bully in the country, former President Donald Trump” – a stance that saw him wrangle thousands of ventilators from the federal government, many of which went unused.

New York Daily News, Linda Stasi Gets Slammed

The reaction was swift and brutal.

Fox reporter Dagen McDowell tweeted:

“No mention of 15,000 seniors who died because of her hero’s nursing home order. No mention of his lying, stonewalling, cover-up.

No mention of the grieving families. This piece is the equivalent of showing your bare ass in public for attention,” 

Janice Dean

As TuskerDaily reported back in July 2020, Janice Dean lambasted the liberal-bias media for their ‘feelings aren’t facts’ praise of New York’s egotistical Governor’s handling of the COVID pandemic.

Dean who lost two family members to Cuomo’s imbecilic coronavirus nursing home policies responded to Stasi’s article in kind:

Dear ⁦@lindastasi

⁩You are on the wrong side of history. Thousands of families and women who felt demeaned and harassed by this monster won’t forget you wrote this.

Others joined in on calling out Linda Stasi, and the New York Daily News for their ‘feelings aren’t facts‘ garbage reporting:

Cuomo’s Cohorts Retweet Linda Stasi’s Idiocy

Bar Stasi and Cuomo’s aides retweeting her article, the governor has few defenders left on his side.

The publishing company behind his book, ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic,’ said on Monday that it would stop promoting the self-congratulating title in light of the nursing homes investigations and that it had no plans to reprint the book or reissue it in paperback format.

The few readers who picked up a copy were treated to a defense of the nursing homes policy, in which Cuomo described criticism of it as a Republican “offense to distract from the narrative of their botched federal response,” which was “totally defeated” by “the facts.”

New York has recorded more than 1.7 million cases of Covid-19, the fourth-highest of all 50 states. The Empire State has also recorded just under 49,000 deaths, the second-highest tally in the country.


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