As New Yorkers are still dying by the dozen from the Coronavirus, and unrefrigerated trucks are being discovered parked on NYC streets with bodies inside.

The one thing the residents of New York really wanted to hear was Andrew Cuomo announcing that he’s ready to get his groove on.

On Thursday, during a 1010WINS radio interview, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared on, “I am eligible.”

Cuomo The 62-year-old dad of three was asked about a new survey by matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson, which found that he and his little brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, are hot commodities among New York City delusional Democratic women.

Cuomo responded, chuckling:

“Now that you raise it, most-wanted eligibility, my brother is married, I am not married, so I don’t think he would qualify as eligible. However, I am eligible,” 

And he didn’t need to look very far for his next date with a liberal loony toon sitting right beside him.

Anchor Susan Richard pounced immediately as she pointed out that both she and the governor are Sagittariuses from Queens, he replied: “Sounds good to me. It all started in Queens, Susan.”

Cuomo and his longtime girlfriend, chef and author Sandra Lee, split last fall.

Now remove Cuomo’s name and insert Trump and watch the liberal Media heads explode.

Thankfully, the mainstream media is saved from having their head spontaneously combust due to President Donald Trump being married to the most beautiful FLOTUS of all time.

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