Jets fans I’m not sure if you’re happy or sad after the Jets coaching staff snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as the New York Jets stumbled and bumbled their way to another loss, and keeping their hopes of snaring the #1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL 2021 draft.

I know I’d be happy as all hell!

Incredibly, week after week, Jets head coach Adam Gase, and his staff of bumbling baboons find new and even more asinine ways to lose.

Case in point, on Sunday, defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams’ bonehead play call with mere seconds left in their game against the Las Vegas Raiders helped the NFL’s biggest laughingstock to secure their 12th straight defeat.

Laughably, before the Jets’ lastest embarrassment, some of their more delirious fans actually advocated for Gregg Williams to replace Gase, and become Gangreen’s next ‘forever losing’ head coach.

But after Williams graciously provided the Raiders with all the ingredients they would need to whip up a ‘MetLife Miracle’.

Those same fans are now calling for Williams to resign immediately.

Gregg Williams…The New York Jets Mental Midgit Defensive Coordinator 

In the final seconds, Sunday the Jets head-hunting defensive coordinator gave Head-Coach Adam Gase a week off from being the Jets fans weekly punching bag, as Williams was solely responsible for their gut-wrenching 31-28 loss to the Raiders 

And that includes Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, who turned the ball over three times on two fumbles and an interception.

Williams, who’s built a career reputation on having an aggressive, sometimes reckless defense, which is often criticized for how many personal fouls his defense seems to accrue, had a brain fart on the final call of the game.

With the Jets winning 28-24, and the Raiders facing a third-and-10 from the Jets’ 46-yard line with 13 seconds remaining and no timeouts. You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that nothing but a Raiders ‘Hail Mary’ stood between the Jets and their first win of the season.

Of course, no one on planet Earth suspected that the Jets defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, would call for an all-out blitz and “zero’’ coverage, which left undrafted rookie Lamar Jackson in single coverage on Raiders fastest wide receiver Henry Ruggs III.

The Coaching 101 handbook in that scenario calls for the defense to protect the end zone, to not let any receivers get behind the defense.

That means playing a softer, “prevent’’ defensive scheme with extra help deep, not a risky all-out blitz, which would leave the cornerbacks alone on an island.

Raiders QB Derek Carr said after the game, “I could not believe they all-out blitzed us. When I saw that, I was thankful.’’

To his credit, Carr didn’t fumble the golden opportunity the Jets mentally challenged defensive coordinator handed him.

Well, the good news for New York Jets fans is they’re now one step closer to securing Clemson’s star QB, Trevor Lawrence, with the NFL’s 2021#1 overall Draft Pick!

But Like Yesterday, Never Put It Past The New York Jets To Find Some Way Of Blowing That Sure Thing As Well!

Update: New York Jets fire Gregg Williams after shocking game-costing call