New York Times reporter Apoorva Mandavilli just can’t deal with the fact that Former President Donald Trump was right when he stated he saw evidence that showed that COVID-19 was man-made and was somehow released by a Wuhan, China lab.

As TuskerDaily has been reporting there has been an increasing amount of evidence and reporting suggests that COVID-19 may have escaped from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology lab in 2019.

That’s not great news for the Democrats, their media cohorts, and Big Tech who last year labeled anyone who dared suggest COVID was a man-made virus ‘an unhinged conspiracy theorist.’

While Dr. Fauci and some more stable blue checks are now willing to consider the “theory,” the hard left are having a hard time coming to grips with the possibility.

So, of course, if you can’t add anything of substance to a growing conversation, play the race card.

New York Times reporter Apoorva Mandavilli, whose bio states that she mostly covers COVID, said that anyone who dares to mention that the virus may have originated in the Wuhan Chinese lab is “racist.”

I knew that damn Dr. Fauci was a racist white supremacist!

New York Times Apoorva Mandavilli  Plays The Race Card

Racist, huh? Does that mean if mounting evidence emerged that a world-changing, life-killing virus may have escaped from a lab in the UK, Ireland, the United States under the Trump administration, or dare I say, Russia (!!!), it’d be racist to ask these questions?

Tough to answer, I bet.

Mandavilli’s tweet comes one day after TuskerDaily reported the left favorite son Dr. Anthony Fauci said the Wuhan lab theory must be investigated.

It’s All Because Trump Said COVID Escaped From Wuhan, China

Had Trump not called COVID the “Wuhan virus” would Mandavilli have sent out this tweet today?

Mandavilli and like-minded media members see defending China as an opportunity.

The truth is that defending Communist China helps some people, like LeBron James and Cena, save millions of dollars, but not everyone, which explains Mandavilli’s deletion.

She has nothing to gain from it.

It’s not racist to ask questions.

These questions should’ve been answered 12 months ago.

If the Democrats demand an investigation into the January 6th Capitol Hill Riots.

Then wouldn’t a deadly novel virus that killed millions of people possibly escaping a Wuhan, Chinese lab which by the way, received funding from US taxpayers warrant one also?


  1. Calling people or things “racist” has lost its’ impact.
    Practically everything has been called “racist”. It no longer carries any weight.
    As for this woman, she is just trying to deflect; even after Dr Fauci has said he believes the Wuhan Virology Lab was the source.
    He would know, he gave them $3.7-million to foster their experiments, and after his return to the states, he subtle announced there would be a pandemic in 2020.


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