After almost four years, New York Times Nicole Perlroth has finally gotten to the bottom of why black Americans didn’t get excited about Hillary Clinton in 2016… Russian trolls.
The New York Times is on a roll. Following up TuskerDaily’s earlier report about President Trump Mocking NYT, CNN for their Fake News Report about him wanting to add his likeness to Mt. Rushmore.
On Sunday, Perlroth tweeted then deleted these two beauties, which was luckily screenshotted before her one brain cell sprang to life:

“We don’t talk about this enough, and it has been lost in the 2016 election hot takes,”

“While 2016 saw record turnout, it also saw record decline in black voter turnout – the biggest decline in 20 years. Blacks were the number one demographic Russian trolls targeted on social media.”

Despite Hillary Clinton’s 282 ‘Why they’re not calling me Madam President’ excuses.

New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth explains to us simpleminded Americans that despite Hillary claiming to always be carrying ‘Hot Sauce.’ It couldn’t be that some black voters possibly genuinely disliked ‘Bring them to heel’ Hillary.

Nor could the reason Blacks didn’t vote for her was that they disagreed with Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden’s ‘lock those N-words up in prison‘ policies.

Nope, according to Perlroth, there could only be one explanation for their decision to stay home, and it’s the same answer that drives CNN Trump-Hate agenda, and the Delusional Democrats impeachment idiocy…

Wow! After Joe Biden spewed ‘You Ain’t Black‘ last month, and last weeks ‘Unlike the African American community,‘ follow-up.

And now this NYT’s reporter whining ‘Blacks are so stupid they got trolled by the Russkies’.

One has to wonder if the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts are trying to drive the black community to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2020?

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Oh, About New York Times Nicole Perlroth and Russia

This isn’t the first time she’s blaming Russia for some other dimwitted Democrats screw-ups.

Back in February Despite DNC chairman Tom Perez screeching about their wonderful new app that’ll count the votes in real-time. Then it took the Democrats took over a week to tally all the vote in their Iowa caucus.

Yup… According to Nicole Perlroth, it was all a conspiracy spread by, of course, Russia, Russia, Russia.