NFL Tone-Deaf Black Lives Matter Messaging Is Idiocy Personified

Miami Dolphins Black Lives Matter
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The NFL kicked off their 2020-21 season by devoting the entire Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans pregame ceremonies to social justice reform, and pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The NFL also previously announced that they would now be playing the “Black National Anthem,” (Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing) as well as the Star-Spangled Banner prior to the kickoff of each Week 1 game.

The Kansas City Chiefs link arms for both of the anthems. Only defensive end Alex Okafor knelt with his fist up — something that NBC’s broadcast readily noted.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans announced that they did not want to show favoritism to either one of the songs, so they elected to stay in the locker room, emphasizing the importance of “unity” during this time.

Then both teams met in the middle of the field to link arms in a ‘Moment of Unity’ which received a large chorus of boos as fans have grown weary of these NFL social justice warriors injecting politics into our enjoyment of sports.

Of course, the leftists’ twittering twits on social media blamed all the negativity on Trump supporters, because that’s their go-to argument despite the fact there are as many right-winders in Kansas City, as there are Maga Hat wearing Chicagions walking the streets looking for black men at 2 am in minus 15-degree weather.

But the left’s argument is no one can be against ‘Black Lives Matter’ unless your a right-wing white supremacist Donald Trump supporter.

But before the NFL’s ‘Moment of Unity’ debacle took place, the Miami Dolphins posted this video about staying inside for the anthems, mocking the NFL for its “fluff and empty gestures” and having “Two Anthems.”

Hysterically, the Miami Dolphins players Black Lives Matter messaging was right on, but not in the way they think.

It’s so easy to cry that America isn’t listening to the black community’s legitimate claim that they’re being treated differently than whites.

Shockingly, not shockingly, the NFL players messaging falls flat with half of America when we hear players screeching “We demand Justice” and seeing the name of alleged rapist “Jacob Blake” taped to their helmets?

NFL Drew Brees, Saints Tape Jacob Blake On Helmets

Can you blame tens of millions of Americans for not taking a group of black NFL players making millions, living in posh gated communities seriously when they start crying that America is holding their black people down?

Does The NFL Know Who Dajore Wilson was?

While New Orlean Saints Drew Brees joined his teammates pandering to BLM with their taped messaging, and Kamala Harris was in Kenosha, Wisconsin, telling alleged sexual predator Jacob Blake how proud she was of him.

Dajore Wilson, a black 8-year-old was sitting in a Subaru SUV at the stoplight on Union Avenue at West 47th Street in Chicago this past Labor Day Weekend, when police say a gunman’s car pulled up behind them and started shooting.

After this Black Life was taken away, how many NFL players taped “Dajore Wilson” across their helmets? ZERO!

But the same NFL players demanding that America take responsibility for the brutality against people of color refuse to hold Black communities responsible for the murder of an innocent child, or at the very least condemn the black on black violence.

So how can anyone, no matter what color they are, take the NFL’s Black Lives Matter messaging seriously when not a single player is outraged that an 8-year-old’s life was ended in a Chicago drive-by shooting?

If the Miami Dolphins want to screech about “fluff and empty gestures” they can start with their hypocrite video, and their whining ‘We’re staying inside the locker room’ until America listens to our moronic messaging.

Is America supposed to rally around the NFL’s Black Lives Matter messaging when their rioting mob guns down Secoriea Turner, a black 8-year-old in Atlanta, whose only crime was the car she was driving in drove down the same street that the BLM mob were protesting on?

How many Atlanta Falcons taped Secoriea Turner’s name to their helmets? NONE!

NFL Players Demand America Takes Responsibility

My lord, the NFL and it’s players while screaming ‘America Must Take Responsibility’ don’t have the intestinal fortitude to call out the Black Lives Matter organization for staying silent, and not taking any responsibility for their followers murdering innocent children? 

The NFL and its players care so much about lifting up impoverished black communities while looking the other way as the Black Lives Matter riotous mob burns down black-owned businesses across America.

The NFL players demand ‘Justice’ and punishment for cops that break the law. While at the same time BLM and Antifa anarchists killed David Dorn, an innocent retired police Captain who cared so much about helping black youth’s that his wife swore he would not hesitate to forgive the black kids that murdered him fearing it would ruin their future.

Sorry NFL, Black Lives Matter IS About Politics

Towards the end of the Miami Dolphin’s film, they laughably claim ‘This isn’t about politics, and ‘this isn’t a left or right thing’.

Sorry boys but if you believe that then your even bigger mental midgets than I thought.

These dimwitted Dolphin’s declared they want Criminal Justice Reform because black and brown people are being judged by the color of their skin, and not for the crimes they may have committed. 

You know who agreed with you… President Donald J. Trump.

If these NFL players had an inclining about what they were screeching about they would have already known that President Trump passed criminal justice reform and his bill released thousands of blacks who were unjustly sentenced.

Of course, they would also know that the Democrats, despite America voting electing its first Black President, and also sending a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate for his first two years. DID NOTHING about fulfilling the two decades worth of promises the made to pass Criminal Justice Reform.

But does the black community thank President Trump for doing what the Democrats only promised…No? Instead, they call Trump a racist, Nazi, white supremacist.

The Miami Dolphin’s players are so uneducated they, to a man, will vote for Joe Biden in November.

Hysterically, the Justice Reform the Dolphin players demand, that Trump has already delivered, wouldn’t even be needed if not for Joe Biden creating a crime bill in 1994 that unjustly targeted the black community.

So despite the Miami Dolphin players crying this isn’t a left or right thing. It is absolutely 100% political when Conservatives watch not the slightest sound of outrage from the black community when Democrats refused to even muster a token clap after President Trump announced at the State of The Union that the black unemployment rate is at its lowest point in the history of the United States.

Why should the half of America that helped vote Barack Obama the first African-American President of the United States, not once, but twice, listen, when all we hear are black leaders calling us racist Nazi white supremacists?

Until the NFL players start pushing back against the Marxists Black Lives Matter organization says nothing as their members murder innocent children, burn down black-owned businesses, and loot their way through the black community.

Then, by all means, the Miami Dolphins and any other NFL team wishing to join them can sit in their locker rooms forever.

White Americans will never listen to a bunch of uneducated hypocritical black millionaires calling us racists, while they’re advocating for an organization that puts rapists, child molesters, drug addicts, and murders on a pedestal.

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