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The NFL is less than a month away from kicking off its 2020-21 season

The first game of the 2020-21 season takes place Thursday 09/10 In Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs will host the Houston Texans in a rematch of last year’s playoff game where the Chiefs came roaring back from a 24-point deficit to win going away 51 – 31.

Will they meet again in the playoffs this year?

Did your team improve enough to make it to be a playoff contender?

See where your team lands in TuskerDaily’s NFL Power Rankings

32. Washington Football Team

TuskerDaily’s 2020-21 Prediction 2-14

Washington Football Team NFL Power Rankings Tuskerdaily

The Washington Redskins decades long dysfunction came to a head after they succumbed to the mob, when they opted to change its team name, and then not being able to pick one.

Of course, this just shows that this franchise still has a long way to go to be taken seriously.

They made a smart change at head coach in hiring Ron Rivera and a can’t-miss draft pick in Chase Young, but we still think they are at least two-years away from even approching respectability.

Washington had the worst scoring offense in the game last season as quarterback Dwayne Haskins who threw seven touchdowns and seven interceptions in nine games is under pressure to prove he’s their franchise quarterback.

If Haskins can’t show improvement, Coach Rivera may choose to go in a new direction as Washington is the odds on favorite to nab the #1 pick in the 2021 draft.

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