After all three of the Denver Broncos quarterbacks were ruled ineligible to play this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. The simpleminded social media mob were giddy believing this was an opportunity for their woke hero Colin Kaepernick to once again take the field.

Of course, God forbid if these simpleminded socialists ever read past the headlines. They would have discovered Kaepernick stepping in as the Broncos QB was never going to happen.

Putting aside the fact that the Denver Broncos have never seemed even mildly interested in reaching out to Kaepernick.

NFL league rules clearly mandate that any player, whether they joined their new team via trade, or being signed as a free agent, must remain in COVID-19 isolation for six days before they are allowed to join the team.

Even though the Broncos are being forced to use wide receiver Kendall Hinton, a three-year starter at Wake Forest, as their main single-caller.

It probably matters little since Donkeys haven’t had a dependable quarterback since Peyton Manning retired in 2017.

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