The liberal twittering twits on social media have completely lost their minds. After almost a year’s worth of blue checks lecturing America, every single Police Officer was a racist white supremacist who woke up each morning wanting nothing more than to shoot a black man.

NOW, they want President Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and any other Republican who challanged Joe Biden’s supposed Electoral Victory to be arrested for the death of a Capitol Police Officer who they claim had died on Wednesday.

There is some debate as to the accuracy of CNN’s reporting that the Officer had died from his wounds. We will report on this further as more FACTS become available.

But I digress.

But the fact remains that the left’s ‘Defund The Police’ social media mob is NOW screeching for justice over the supposed death of this officer. 

He’ll it was only last week that these very same liberals were screaming “How Dare You” at Minneapolis police officers for shooting and killing Dolal Idd.

The Twitter mob’s rage stemmed from watching the MPD bodycam footage in which those “White Supremacists Racist Pigs” had the audacity to return fire after Idd shot at them first.

In fact, it wasn’t just your typical blue check Democrats that were enraged by the fact that Dolal Idd Was Killed because He Shot First!

Nope, Democrat politicians like ‘Clod Squad’ member Ilhan Omar, HOURS AFTER the bodycam video proved Idd shot first.

Ilhan Omar ran to Twitter and posted that Idd’s death was a “State-Sanctioned Murder”

But That Was Sooooooooooooo Last Week

But suddenly the very same leftist mental midgets who last week were screaming for Police Officers to die…

NOW have #TedCruzKilledaCop trending on Twitter.

It seems those revisionist historians on the left demand Ted Cruz not only resign but also sent to prison for supposedly inciting the rioting that took place at the Capital last Wednesday.

As a fevered Trump supporter, I too thought that the storming of the Capital building was wrong.

But, I also believed that the BLM/ANTIFA rioting, looting, arson and murdering innocent people were also wrong.

But ‘consistency’ is a word that has not, nor ever shall be associated with liberal Democrats.

“Hypocrisy,” Yes… “Consistency,” No!

There are times when I go to Twitter and my brain simply implodes with all the things I could say in response to the leftist stupidity. 

In fact, Twitter could add a half dozen 0’s to the end of their 280 character limit, and it still wouldn’t be enough to document the hypocrisy of the leftist mob’s outrage.

But needing to respond to the leftist outrage over five people, including a Police officer tragically losing their lives during Wednesday’s Capital Hill chaos.  I simply tweeted…

“Now Do David Dorn!

Of course, the left doesn’t remember David Dorn.

He was a retired black St. Louis Police Captain who was killed during the BLM/ANTIFA Breonna Taylor peaceful protests which included rioting, looting, arson, and, of course, MURDER!

The Ethical Society of Police of St. Louis wrote after Dorn’s murder:

“[Dorn] was murdered by looters at a pawn shop. He was the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.

Were the left outraged over the murdering of Captain David Dorn…Of course, they weren’t.

Despite being a black man who spent hours helping kids in black communities to find a better path in life.

The left still considered him a traitor to his people, which is made even more sickening considering many of those disparaging Capt. Dorn were white liberal Domocrats.

Of course, David Dorn is just one of hundreds of examples of the Hypocristy that liberal Democrats are showing today.


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