NPR didn’t join the majority of Americans who celebrated America’s Independence Day as they tore apart the Declaration of Independence as a lying, racist document.

NPR Celebrates July 4th by Lecturing America Was Built On Lies and Racism.

NPR egregiously marked the July 4th holiday by pointing out the ‘flawed’ origins of America after tweeting out the Declaration of Independence – with some provocative footnotes.

It has become an annual tradition for the organization to mark Independence Day with a reading of the historic document, but this year’s rendition came with a disclaimer. 

The supposed unbiased new outlet, which receives public funding from the American people, explained:

“[A]fter last summer’s protests and our national reckoning on race, the words in the document land differently…

It famously declares ‘that all men are created equal’ even though women, enslaved people, and indigenous Americans were not held as equal at the time,” 

NPR Wasn’t Done Burning The Declaratin of Independence 

This wasn’t NPR’s only grievance with the 245-year-old declaration. A reference to “Scotch & foreign mercenaries” was later edited out of the text, but “a racist slur about Native Americans” (a line denouncing internal strife provoked by “merciless Indian Savages”) survived the revisions.

NPR also reported that the document was stripped of criticism of the slave trade in a bid to win support from southern colonists.


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