A nude woman in a Home Depot store went on an unhinged tirade, sending police and security officials scrambling.

Conservative pundit Mark Dice shared the video of the woman, who clearly has some mental issues.

The woman was marching through a Home Depot in only her shoes, shouting that she hates America as officials tried to catch her.

At one point she tells officers and security people that she would “kill them” and can be seen knocking items over in the aisles.

It’s not clear where or when this incident occurred but you can see the security people jump back rather fearfully as she gets close to them.

Not sure if that’s “pandemic” related or just “naked” related. Either way, this was a very dramatic moment caught on video.

Cops struggle to catch nude woman inside Home Depot


Let’s hope that they were able to safely capture this woman and get her the help that she desperately needs.

Via theamericanmirror.com



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