Bernie Sanders, despite his already having suspended his campaign, is livid that New York State is moving to remove his name from the Democrats June 23 primary ballot.

The simpleminded socialist campaign wrote a letter Sunday to the NY State Board of Elections protesting a new law that allows the board to remove candidates who are no longer running from the ballot.

If the Board of Elections vote to remove Bernie Sanders from the ballot that would effectively scrap the Democratic presidential primary. 

Since that would leave Joe Biden the only remaining person left in the Democrats once overcrowded clown car of 2020 presidential candidates.

Malcolm Seymour, one of Bernie Sanders campaign lawyers, wrote Sunday:

“His involuntary erasure from the ballot … would sow needless strife and distrust, impeding Senator Sanders’ efforts to unify the Democratic Party in advance of November elections,” 

The board is expected to meet Monday to decide whether to scrap the presidential primary, which would allow about a third of the counties in New York state to avoid having any primary election at all.

Typical Transparent Democrats Showing Just How Transparent They Truly Are

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his Democrat cohorts tucked in a clause allowing the board to remove failed candidates from the ballot into a recent NY State budget measure.

Progressive critics claim it’s a shameless power play by Gov. Cuomo to maintain an iron grip on the state’s Democratic delegation.

Of course, that begs the question ‘Isn’t Bernie supposed to be running as a Democrat?’

Bernie Doing What Bernie Does Best…Being A Bitch

Last month was the first to report that Bernie was dropping out of the 2020 race, after losing all three March 17th Democrat primaries by double digits to Clueless Joe Biden.

In that article, we reported that our source stated that after Bernie Sanders officially announces he’s folding up his pretend to be a Democrat tent.

Instead of taking his ball and going home. Bernie wanted to continue to rack up as many delegates as possible in upcoming Democrat primaries, in order to push the party’s platform as far left as possible during the Democratic National Convention.

Bernie not only will hold these delegates hostage, but the simpleminded Socialist also plans to threaten Biden and the DNC that if they don’t succumb to his demands, he’ll unleash his insane online army of ‘Bernie Bros’.

Sanders’ other power grab move was his plan to play nice with former rivals such as Elizabeth Warren. 

That stratagem has already paid off nicely since Pocahontas has already offered to hand Sanders the delegates she’s won in order to give their mutual nanny state agenda a bigger say at the convention.


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