As TuskerDaily reported last week Melissa DeRosa the top aide to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for Cuomo’s Nursing Home COVID Death Toll Cover-up.

In the wake of the New York Post’s recent blockbuster which reported that the Secretary to the Governor made a stunning admission excused Cuomo’s cover-up by claiming that they “froze” and hid nursing home data from the feds over fears of being prosecuted and/or aiding Donald Trump’s reelection bid.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Doing What He Does Best…Blaming Others

Andrew Cuomo held a press conference on Monday ostensibly intended to address his potentially criminal coverup.

But from the start of the presser, as Tuskerdaily has reported on numerous occasions, it became clear that Gov. Cuomo was going to spend a majority of his presser pointing fingers and blaming others for his own reprehensible behavior.

Cuomo’s listed off those a number of people that he claimed were at fault for his coverup which, of course, didn’t include himself.

But Cuomo did include nursing home staff, visitors, a “toxic political environment” and even “for-profit hospitals.”

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