NY Illegal Immigrants Line Up FOR BLOCKS To Get Drivers Licenses Thanks to Democrats


Illegal aliens are lining up for blocks in order to get their drivers licenses in New York thanks to the liberal Democrats idiocy.


Lines to apply for New York driver’s licenses go as far as around the block on the first day undocumented immigrants can apply for them.

Line at the Flushing DMV is unbelievably long. Thousands of immigrants across the state getting their drivers license today. #GreenLightNY @WNYC pic.twitter.com/OrTnT2exTZ

The law allows immigrants to use foreign-issued documents to prove their identity and age, and would not require a valid Social Security number to obtain a driver’s license in the state.

Some lawsuits are challenging the law but it is much tougher to pull back after they hand out licenses. Good luck with that, New York. This is the picture of lawlessness, and it’s incredible that states can do this crap while whining that the feds are violating states’ rights when simply enforcing immigration law.

Via therightscoop.com

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