NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Gestapo Thought Police

Yes, the NYC Democrat Council lead by their moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio has the Big Apple spiraling toward bankruptcy, but despite the 9-Billion dollar deficit in the 2020 budget, sex workers still gotta get paid.

While the Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the NYC’s budget, de Blasio, and his band of mismanaging misfits will pay more than $4 million in services for sex workers this year.

Undeterred by their slashing $5 billion from its recently passed 2021 budget the loony-toon leftists insist that due to the COVID pandemic, non-profit organizations providing services to sex workers are needed more than ever.

Democrats maintain that taxpayer money must be allocated to pay vendors for housing, medical care, job training, legal services, and street outreach to prostitutes.

Sean Coleman, executive director of the Bronx LGBTQ Center Destination Tomorrow, whose $460,000 contract with the city was renewed in the 2020-2021 budget, stated:

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an influx of sex workers who are reaching out asking for assistance with paying rent, utilities, and food,” 

The New York City Democrat lead Council also renewed:

  • $500,000 in funding for Sanctuary for illegal alien families.
  • $700,000 was sent to the city’s public hospital system to support people in the sex trade.

NYC Democrat Council Priorities Just A Wee Bit Skewed

De Blasio and his dimwitted donkey designated $4.38 million in funding for sex workers for the first time in 2020. But due to the pandemic, say it ain’t so Democrats, those funds were decreased slightly to $4.1 million in 2021.

Of course, the Democrats $4 million dollar support of the sex worker trade comes at a time when they’re attempting to make up NYC’s 9-Billion dollar deficit by CUTTING $1 Billion from the NYPD’s 2021 budget.

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