NYC going to hell

As we’ve been reporting NYC is spiraling out of control as the Democrats NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has so emboldened the anarchist mob last night the NYPD was forced to retreat from City Hall protesters after early morning clash.

Troubling video shows NYPD Officers retreating from City Hall protesters after an early Wednesday morning confrontation.

As we reported despite a 414.3% increase in shooting, de Blasio and the City Council shut down the NYPD anti-crime task force.

The ‘bend the knee’ New York City Democrats followed up that idiocy with a budget that included a $1 billion cut in the NYPD Budget.

NYC Is Going Straight To Hell

“Whose streets? Our streets!” roared the protesters as they filled the sidewalks.

Another clip shows protesters mocking cops and singing, “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” as the officers approach the arch at 1 Centre Street.

As was the case Tuesday, tensions came to a head when protesters became enraged as police removed barricades they had illegally set up.

A video posted by Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott shows cops in riot gear moving the barricades away.

Officers are shown pushing through the crowd as the protesters shove back, some using their umbrellas to block or strike cops. One cop can be seen grabbing a person’s umbrella and throwing it on the ground.

One person claimed on Twitter that the NYPD stormed the protesters’ camp “full of aggression, looking to agitate,“ as “many where [sic] serving breakfast and cleaning.” But the video doesn’t back up that claim. All that is seen is police officers facing demonstrators who are camped out on the sidewalk.

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