NYC Mayor de Blasio walking in park during coronavirus lockdown

Despite New York City’s strict lockdown rules, and NYC having a rather large area in the middle of Manhattan which is sometimes referred to as CENTRAL PARK.

None of that prevented NYC’s moronic Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and his even more corrupt than he is, egregious wife Chirlane McCray from traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn to stroll among Hillary Clinton’s BFF’s.

De Blasio and his wicked witch of a wife Chirlane McCray were spotted in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Saturday when the Democrats Dimwitted Duo were confronted by an angry New Yorker who called them out for traveling between the boroughs despite Mayor de Blasio threatening millions of us ‘little people’ to stay at home, or face arrest.

Twitter user Darren Goldner, referencing Carl Schurz Park near Gracie Mansion, in a clip posted to Twitter Saturday, confronted Mayor Moron about his hypocrisy.

“Seriously, you guys have a park. You live in the middle of the park. You don’t need to non-essentially travel to Brooklyn.” 

de Blasio responded, “C’mon guys give it a break,” as he and NYC’s wicked witch first lady continue to walk away.

Undeterred, Goldner continued:

“I’m not going to give it a break. This is a selfish behavior. This is so terribly selfish. 

You call yourself a progressive, but you chauffeur yourself to Brooklyn. You force people to drive you.”

Despite being called out in Twitterland. Upon returning to Gracie Mansion, de Blasio showed every New Yorker just how tone-deaf one NYC Mayor could be.

Thanks, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for showing us exactly who the Coronavirus is discriminating against.

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