NYC’s Mayor Moron does it again after Bill de Blasio declares that outdoor dining can resume just hours after a huge snowstorm is forecast to roll through New York City on Wednesday night 

Restaurants that have roadway outdoor dining setups will not be allowed to operate from Wednesday 2pm due to a nor’easter that is forecast to dump eight inches of snow or more on the Big Apple. 

De Blasio said during a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon that street dining could resume on Thursday night. 

Of course, de Blasio skipped the part about where New York City could get over a foot of snow Wednesday night, into the early Thursday morning hours.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets Rightfully Mocked 

Almost immediately after NYC Mayor Bill-O-the-Clown made his grand announcement.

Social media started sharing memes that mocked the idea that people would be heading out to dine outdoors following a massive snowstorm. 





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