NYC Mayor de Blasio More Concerned About His BLM Mural, Than Homeless Taking Over Manhattan

NYC Mayor de Blasio seems more concerned with protecting the Black Lives Matter street mural he helped paint outside of Trump Tower, then he does about all the homeless encampments popping up all over Manhatten.

Despite NYC’s buffoonish Mayor’s vow to “do whatever it takes” to break up such encampments. An entrenched group of homeless people is making life miserable for residents and merchants in Manhattan’s East Village.

Judging by de Blasio assigning a squad of 27 NYPD officers to arrest anyone daring to blemish his BLM street mural.

NYC’s Mental Midget Mayor seems more concerned with protecting his BLM Mural than he does with protecting NYC residents from an over 400% surge in gun violence. Or from the hoard of defecating homeless that have now taken over a stretch of Manhatten’s Second Avenue between East Seventh and East Eighth streets.

And the band of alcohol, drug-addicted vagrants are making themselves feel at quite home by arranging cast-off furniture and setting up tarps.

Olga, 78, who has lived in the East Village neighborhood for 33 years, said:

“It makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes our city dirty and noisy,” said 

“There was one woman who was making pee-pee and caca by the bus stop. It was very dirty and disgusting. Nobody wanted to use the bus stop.”

The owner of an eatery across the street from the homeless encampment said the situation appears to be spiraling out of control.

“They started camping out there when the weather got warmer and recently it got bigger,” 

“Some of them have mental issues. They drink a lot and fight with each other. They throw bottles.”

On Thursday, de Blasio was questioned during his daily news conference about the series of homeless encampments that are now being set-up all over Manhattan.

“Anyone who tells us about an encampment, we’re going to have it addressed right away by Homeless Services, Sanitation.

“Whatever it takes.”

Of course, in order to do that de Blasio would need the NYPD. The same NYPD, NYC’s moronic Mayor is currently trying to defund.

One homeless resident of the East Village encampment, who identified herself as Solaura, 43, said she wound up there after losing a taxpayer-funded bed at the DoubleTree hotel in Chelsea.

Solaura, whose face and limbs are covered with tattoos, said she was a transsexual sex worker and was unable to abide by rules that required her to be inside by 10 p.m.

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