NYC Out Duels Chicago In Labor Day Weekend Shootings

NYC, Chicago Labor Day weekend Shootings
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In a horrific testament to the Democrats’ great leadership, New York City beat out Chicago to become ‘Labor Day Weekend Shootings’ Champion.

In Chicago:

Over the Labor Day Weekend, 51 people were shot, 10 fatally, including 8-year-old, Dajore Wilson, who was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting according to Chicago police.

In New York City:

Over the Labor Day Weekend, 67 people were shot, 10 were killed including a 6-year-old, who, along with 2 police officers that were wounded, in a shooting during NYC’s annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.

But no matter how many Black Men, Women, and Children are being gunned down in Democrat-run cities… Black Lives Matter remains repugnantly quiet.

Making the Democrats egregious pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement even more reprehensible.

Kamala Harris was just 66-miles north of where 8-year-old Dajore Wilson was killed in a Chicago drive-by shooting.

But rather than Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or any other Democrat caring about these innocent black children getting slaughtered.

Kamala Harris flew to Kenosha Wisconsin, just to tell alleged sexual abuser, Jacob Blake, ‘How Proud She Was Of Him

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio… You and Your Black Lives Matter Murals Can Go Fuck Off!

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