NYC Freaks Out Over NYPD Unleashing Digidog

Last December The NYPD unveiled “Digidog,” a new dog-like robot that its creators Boston Dynamics say will help Police to fight crime and “save lives,” with its ability to navigate in dangerous situations that are deemed to ‘high-risk’ for human officers.

Of course, some saw the mechanical beast as another step toward the high-tech tyranny, reminiscent of Hollywood dystopias such as ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Black Mirror’.

Nicknamed ‘Spot,’ Dididog boasts some highly sophisticated artificial intelligence systems that are combined with series of cameras and sensors, which can be used to get a close-up, real-time look at dangerous situations before sending in flesh-and-blood officers.

NYPD Technical Assistance Response Unit Inspector Frank Digiacomo told ABC7 New York.

“This dog is going to save lives, protect people, and protect officers and that’s our goal,” 

AOC Pounces Like A Delusional Democrat Bulldog

Of course, AOC and her band of twittering twits had misgivings about the technology, when the NYPD began testing Digidog earlier this year.

Other liberal loony-toons saw a disturbing parallel to those fictional Hollywood movies where automated police bots dispense on-the-spot justice.

NYPD Unleashes Digidog

This week the NYPD unleashed its $74,000 robot dog into a Manhattan housing project, as Digidog was seen exiting the housing project with a group of human police officers in tow.

The NYPD insisted that there is no reason to be concerned about Digidog since it “has been using robots since the 1970s to save lives in hostage situations & hazmat incidents.”

But despite the NYPD insisted the faux-canine did not play an “active role” in the operation, which allegedly involved removing an armed man from an apartment belonging to a woman and her baby.

As one might have expected, upon seeing the NYPD’s mechanical monstrosity outraged New Yorkers let loose with their uneducated idiocy.

In the video below you can hear shocked onlookers making nervous jokes about Star Wars character R2-D2.

Grandstanding Politicians Gotta Grandstand

New York City Council member Ben Kallos hinted he didn’t trust Digidog’s capabilities to remain at “bark” level when it was oh so tempting to “bite.”

Kallos said, “No one wants a future where our city looks and feels like a ‘Black Mirror’ episode,” referencing the nonfictional killer K-9s from the Netflix show’s episode ‘Metal Head’.

The councilmember put forward a measure called the ‘No Killer Robots Act’, clearly aimed at the NYPD’s use of Boston Dynamics’ mechanical pooch.

The hysteria is widespread that organizers built a website wholly devoted to stopping these supposedly murderous machines, appropriately titled 

Of course, once you see radical leftist groups such as Code Pink, backing this simpleminded stupidity. You know this is simply another scam to pilfer more money from the left’s uneducated delusional Democrat drones. 

A previous resolution passed last June – the ‘Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act’, aimed at keeping citizens informed about what kind of disturbing capabilities the NYPD would be rolling out in the near future.

Since Digidog features is equipped with AI, and up-to-the-minute tracking technology including cameras and sensors according to liberal logic that means it has the “Skynet‘ like the possibility of going rogue and wiping out all humanity.

According to, Digidog already everything it needs to turn it into a killer weapon with just a few tweaks. They also warn that given the NYPD’s resources, they could easily afford to outfit a few of these into ruthless creatures.

And a few mayoral candidates took it as an opportunity to grandstand, with Democratic candidate Scott Stringer declaring “as mayor, we will invest in people, not police dogs.”

Those on the left who didn’t seem to fear the potentially deadly pooch were, nevertheless, just as triggered.

NYC Democrat Candidates For Mayor Doing What They Do Best…Grandstand

NYC Democrat Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley insisted that the ludicrous amount of money to spend on something so clearly designed to terrorize a populace already beside itself with anger and fear over police violence.

As usual, like all Democrat politicians, Maya Wiley took full advantage of her headline reading followers by starting off with her ‘$70 million dollars’ stupidity.

Wiley knows her mentally challenged supporters will assume that’s how much Dididog cost NYC, instead of the actual $74,000 price tag.

But what I found more hilarious is the fact that like AOC, Maya Wiley claims the NYPD’s robotic dog will target Blacks and Latinos? 

Umm, two questions. Is Maya Whiley implying that:

  • A) This mechanical dog is racist?
  • B) Blacks and Latinos are criminals and therefore will be a Digidog target?

So, who is more racists? Digidog or Maya Wiley?

Just Wait Until They meet “Atlas”

If Digidog makes New Yorkers freak out, they’ll be pooping in their pants when they see Boston Dynamics ‘Atlas’ dancing down Broadway.

Unboxing Digidog

One of my favorite go to YouTube channels before purchasing new electronic equipment is Unbox Therapy.

Host Lewis Hilsenteger and videographer Jack McCann do a great job of discovering electronic equipment like the $20 MPOW wireless headphones that I purchased based on this Unbox Therapy review video, in which they touted as good as headphones that were selling for $200.

BTW They were RIGHT!

Watch as Hilsentege unboxes ‘Spot’ and is quickly blown away by Boston Dynamics mechanical mongrel’s astonishing abilities:

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