Barack Obama, join in with his fellow delusional Democrats like AOC and La La Land Liberals as they pounced on the Atlanta-area massage parlor shootings screeching that America must end the anti-Asian violence caused by our nations “white supremacy”.

While using the horrific shootings to argue for gun laws, Obama tweeted on Wednesday, that the color of the victims proves which skin color is behind the supposed ‘alarming rise in anti-Asian violence’:

Although the shooter’s motive is not yet clear, the identity of the victims underscores an alarming rise in anti-Asian violence that must end, root out the pervasive patterns of hatred and violence in our society.”

In other words, ‘He’s white and that’s all the evidence I need to prove America is a racist, xenophobic country’

Racist Democrats Accusing Whites Need To Replace Facts With Feelings

As usual, Obama, as well as the other Democrats, and La La Land liberals offered no evidence to back their claims.

But there’s plenty of evidence to show this POS murdering azz, was motivated NOT by Anti-Asian ideology, but by his penis.

Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said Wednesday that the 21-year-old ass hat which as our policy, TuskerDaily will not publicize his name, told police that there was no racial motivation.

Instead, he said he had an addiction to sex and was trying to eliminate the temptation of the massage parlors, which he allegedly frequented.

In addition to fatally shooting six Asian women (two of Chinese ethnicity and four of Korean descent).

The Democrats conveniently forget that this murdering POS also killed one white woman and one white man, as well as injuring a Hispanic man.

Laughably, just to show how racist and uninformed they are. the leftist twittering twit claim ‘8 Asians were horrifically murdered by a white supremacist’

Mainstream Media Fails To Uncover Even A Hint Of White Supremacy

Mainstream media outlets combed through Long’s social media accounts and interviewed acquaintances, likely hoping to paint a portrait of a white supremacist who was taught by former President Donald Trump to hate Asians.

For all their efforts they found that the shooter was a deeply religious Christian, who loved pizza, guns, and music.

Even CNN, no matter how much they wanted to, couldn’t back their liberal-bias ‘White Supremist’ narrative.

A former roommate told CNN that he never heard the killer “say anything racial,” adding that he suffered from sexual addiction, just as the suspect told police.

The roommate stated that the Atlanta shooter spent time in rehabilitation for his sexual addiction last year.

Another acquaintance spoke of how the POS was tormented by his sexual addiction and said that he “relapsed” and went to massage parlors to engage in sexual acts.

So despite all the evidence to the contrary, Obama still took to Twitter to screech his Anti-white, Anti-America nonsense?

But Obama was far from the lone Delusional Democrat in trying to make the Atlanta shooting about skin color.

Wait. What? I Can’t Hear You Over My Gaslighting

Similar to their Russia, Russia, Russia hysterics, or their idiocy that ‘Trump was an agent of Russia’.

Democrats delusionally believe that as long as they say it, then it must be true, so no evidence is needed.

Of course, when evidence does show that their whole leftist agenda is based on falsehoods, then they simply ignore it.

Democrat lawmakers, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and her equally egregious Squad member Rep. Cori Bush (D-Missouri), as well as a number of celebrities, were quick to ignore the facts and spew their feelings that the Georgia shootings were proof that white supremacy is a crisis in America.

AOC spewed: “Dismantling racist, anti-Asian violence means standing up to white supremacy,”

Bush offered similar stupidity saying: We mourn those killed last night in Atlanta with you. We will dismantle white supremacy alongside you.”

Needless to say, La La Land Liberals joined in with the Democrat’ ‘White Supremacy’ Idiocy.

“We’re going to use this rage,” film producer Adele Lim said, before deleting the tweet. “We know who and what to go after. We’re gonna take down every racist pillar in the hate-cult, gun-worshiping, far-right basket of murderous a**wipes.”

Actor George Takei still living off his ‘Star Trek’ fame suggested that Republicans in Congress who referred to Covid-19 as the “China Virus” may have motivated the shooter.

Of course, Takei offered us another perfect example of how liberals ignore facts in order to push their Anti-America, Anti-White agenda.

But leftist politicians and Hollywood hypocrites weren’t the only ones who saw the Atlanta murders through the lens of skin color.

The NAACP called the shootings:

“A disgusting and disturbing example of how the spread of domestic terrorism has been allowed to torment communities.

These acts are the visible manifestation of hateful words birthing hateful acts.”

Clear Thinking Americans Push Back Against The Anti-America, Anti-White Liberal Left

Author Andy Ngo, whose parents fled to the US from their native Vietnam as refugees in 1978, asked Cori Bush what evidence there was indicating that the murders were motivated by white supremacy.

“Is the rationale that because the suspect is white, this is white-supremacist violence?

Do you want this logic applied to Muslims and other groups of people?”

Writer Ahmed Elkady responded similarly to Obama, saying:

“Don’t politicize race, dude. As an Asian-American, I don’t feel this behavior targets toward Asians [sic]. Its target is the massage parlor. A lot of them happen to be operated by Asian people.”

Another Twitter user asked Cori Bush if she’s just gonna ignore the Cherokee County Sheriff’s press conference?

No need for Cori Bush to respond…We already know the answe.


  1. White Power? What do Democrats call Black on Black crime? Perhaps BLM?

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  2. If that’s the case, do they cite “Black Supremacy” when blacks commit murder, “Brown Supremacy” when Hispanics commit murder? Leave it to Obama to call the white race anything but the truth


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