Obama, Biden, Democrats Need To Explain How They Support TPP, Slave-Trading, and Black Lives Matter?

In 2015/2016 the Obama administration’s made their Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agenda among Obama’s top legislative priorities during his last year in the White House.

In contrast to their Black Lives Matter, America is an evil racist country view of 2020. President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, and a majority of the Democrats supported Obama’s TPP. Despite the fact that it would have made Malaysian slave traders partners with the United States.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t that make Obama, Biden, and the Democrats support of the Black Lives Matter movement just a wee bit more than hypocritical?

Making Obama’s egregious stance on slavery, and his support for Black Lives Matter, even more heinous, is the fact than in 2014, Obama’s State Department listed Malaysia as a Tier 3 country on their human trafficking report.

Being listed as a Tier 3 country meant the United States considered Malaysia among the world’s worst human trafficking nations because of “limited efforts to improve its flawed victim protection regime.”

The Obam administration’s report described a horrendous life for Malaysia’s 4-million foreign workers. These ‘workers’ were threatened by large smuggling debts and confiscated passports that put them at the mercy of Malaysia’s slave-traders.

Women, in particular, recruited for hotel or beauty salon work, are routinely coerced into the commercial sex trade.

The Obama administration’s 2014 report on human trafficking nations stated:

Malaysia (Tier 3*) is a destination and, to a lesser extent, a source and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and women and children subjected to sex trafficking. The overwhelming majority of trafficking victims are among the estimated two million documented and two million or more undocumented foreign workers in Malaysia.

Obama’s TPP Slave Partner Fix

During the 2015 TPP markup of trade promotion authority (aka “fast track”), that Obama signed into law. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) passed a provision denying access to fast-track procedures for any trading partner in Tier 3 on the human trafficking report.

Since Malaysia was one of the 12 countries negotiating to be included in Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), if it remained in Tier 3, either TPP would not get the benefits of fast track — meaning that Congress could filibuster it, or Malaysia would have to leave the agreement.

Instead of Obama excluding Malaysia, he instead ordered his administration to upgrade the slave trade nation to Tier 2, which then allowed Malaysia to remain in the TPP.

Upon seeing Obama’s egregious decision to upgrade Malaysia, Menendez issued a scathing statement:

“If true, this manipulation of Malaysia’s ranking… would be a perversion of the trafficking list and undermine both the integrity of this important report as well as the very difficult task of confronting states about human trafficking.”

Making Obama’s actions even more repugnant was the fact that his administration upgrading Malaysia from Tier 3 to Tier 2, came just weeks after authorities in Malaysia discovered in a series of abandoned human trafficking camps, the mass grave of 139 Rohingya Muslims, who had fled discrimination in Burma and were abruptly sold into slavery upon their escape.

Obama And His Repugnant Democrats Have Some Explaining To Do

  • Why would Obama, a black man, go this far to accommodate slavery, given all the historical connotations that word dredges up in America?
  • Why would Obama toss aside America’s international legitimacy on human rights?
  • Why would Obama give trade preferences to goods made with forced labor?

The answer, of course, was Obama and a majority of Democrats believed their new world order took precedence over slavery, and hysterically… OIL! 

Yes. Despite the Democrats screaming that “Oil” is what drives any and all things Republican. But unlike those Democrat conspiracy theories about oil being what drives the GOP.

When it comes to Obama, TPP, and the Democrats who ignored Barack’s slave-trade partner, it was actually true.

Malaysia controls parts of a critical oil shipping lane in the Straits of Malacca, where China receives much of its shipments. Obama keeping Malaysia as an ally allows America, whose Navy controls access to the strait, to habitually pressure China with the implied threat of cutting off its oil.

Less than 5-years later, TRUUUUUUUUMP!

Less Than 5-years after Obama and the Democrats tried and failed to pass TPP. They’re now hyperventilating over their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Even more reprehensible is these TPP supporting Democrats faux outraged over America’s History with Slavery.

Of course, no mainstream media news network would dare ask Obama, or the Democrats how they could have supported their TPP trade bill that included Malaysia, a nation that trafficks in slaves.

While now supporting the calling for the tearing down of not only Confederate statues, but also the likes of George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson because of their links to slavery?

My lord, as Abraham Lincoln’s statues have also now been targeted by the Black Lives Matter mob, these self-righteous scumbag Democrats who supported TPP,  won’t even defend the man who was instrumental in removing that blight in American history.

The Next Time Biden Calls Trump A Racist…

Lest we forget, Joe Biden wasn’t an innocent bystander in Obama and the Democrats TPP duplicity.

In January 2016, Joe Biden announced that he’ll be the administration’s leading pitchman for Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Whereupon Joe Biden spent months lobbying both Republican, and Democratic lawmakers to vote ‘Yes‘ on TPP, even over the objections of those liberal congressional Democrats who opposed it.

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