Obama Rips Trump At John Lewis’s Funeral, If Only America Had Elected Obama President…Oh, Wait.

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Every time I watch former President Barack Obama or former VP Joe Biden lambast President Donald Trump for not doing something such as making election day a national holiday. I inevitably, wind up hysterically thinking…

If Only America Had Elected Obama President

With this in mind, it seems to me like a good idea for Obama, and clueless Joe, not to comment negatively about all the things that Trump should be doing, or should have done the past 3+ years.

After all, these two muttonheads were in charge for 8-years and everything they claim Trump should be doing, they could have but chose not to.

Hence, during Thursday’s funeral service for Democratic Georgia Rep. John Lewis, Barack Obama took to the podium time to trounce President Trump once again.

Obama, as many of the Democrats did during AG Bill Barr’s testimony earlier this week, grabbed the low hanging fruit of ‘if you want to honor John Lewis’s legacy then…’

But if Obama, Biden, and the rest of the Democrats truly wanted to honor Rep. John Lewis in his battles for African-American civil rights. Then perhaps not wait until the man is dead, but rather, do it while he was still alive.

Of course, some in Washington, and the mainstream media will spew their revisionist history rhetoric and screech that if not for those evil racist Republicans in the House and Senate, Obama and dementia Joe could have done so much more.

This may be true on Hillary Clinton’s ‘Earth 2‘ but here on ‘Earth 1‘, the fact remains that for almost the first two years of his presidency, Obama, and the Democrats enjoyed a majority in the House and a super-majority in the Senate.

The simple truth is, Obama and the Democrats did rather little with their overwhelming majority.

Clearly, in 2010, when Obama, Biden, and the Democrats ruled Washington. They cared less about their ‘Hope and Change’ rhetoric, and more about what voters would do in the 2012 mid-term elections if they had proceeded with their stratagem.


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