Barack Obama took a thinly sourced New York Times Russian hit piece, that contains zero facts, but plenty of leftist loony toon ‘Feelings.’ to push a new delusional Democrat Russia…Russia…Russia Coronavirus Conspiracy.
Obama tweeted on Wednesday – linking his post to the New York Times idiocy:

“Democracy depends on an informed citizenry and social cohesion. Here’s a look at how misinformation can spread through social media, and why it can hurt our ability to respond to crises,” 

Written by William S. Broad, the supposed top science journalist at the New York Times, the piece contains no actual science – merely a laundry list of conspiracy theories blaming Russia and Putin personally for wanting to “discredit the West and destroy his enemies from within.”

“Analysts say” that Putin personally “played a principal role in the spread of false information” about vaccines, the coronavirus, and just about anything really, Broad argues.

Which analysts?

  • Broad cites only three professional Russia-baiters by name
  • Uses two entirely unrelated stories from years ago that were in the general “blame Russia for disinformation” ballpark.
  • Cites“sources” such as the infamous “Intelligence Community Assessment” who infamously blamed Russia for the 2016 presidential election.

May 2019, incidentally, is when Broad wrote another hit piece along the exact same lines, only narrower in scope: he accused RT America of doing Putin’s bidding by reporting on theories that 5G wireless networks could be dangerous.

No matter that mainstream US news outlets have reported on the issue in the exact same way – Broad saw “RUSSIA” and had to jump in.

The ‘5G is dangerous’ idiocy is now being pushed by such La La Land liberals as Woody Harrelson, and John Cusack.

Of course, like all New York Times reporters who rely on discredited sources, Broad chose not to interview not a single actual scientist, but went with Russiagate-pushers such as Ryan Fox, CEO of New Knowledge.

New Knowledge was the notorious outfit that blamed Russia for its own bot campaign in the 2017 Senate election in Alabama. In other words, a literal false-flag perpetrator.

One outspoken Putin critic, Sergey Radchenko, described the New York Times article which received Obama’s official seal of approval, as the “most incompetent Russia article in the New York Times in recent memory.”

Obama Tweeting A Russia Coronavirus Conspiracy Is “kind of worrying”


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