Martha’s Vineyard is seeing a spike in Covid-19 cases one week after Barack Obama’s birthday bash on the posh island.

Through much of June and July, the island had zero infections reported on many days.

Since Obama’s August 7 party, there have been 58 new Covid-19 cases reported in Duke’s County, Massachusetts, where Martha’s Vineyard is located, according to data compiled by the New York Times.

Amid the rapid spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19, Obama was heavily criticized for his hypocrisy in hosting such a super-spreader event, that celebrated his 60th birthday.

Obama responded to the backlash by supposedly scaling back the festivities from an original plan for 475 guests.

Not surprisingly, as many as 400 people reportedly showed up, including such celebrities as Beyonce, Jay Z, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, and Chrissy Teigen.

But despite Obama’s attempt to quash any information about the party by having guests sign NDA’s about the party.

Nevertheless, footage from the celebrity-filled super-spreader showed Obama’s maskless revelers partying recklessly with little regard for social distancing guidelines.

Obama’s Birthday Bash Aftermath

The Obama festivities reportedly weren’t limited to last Saturday’s party.

The former President gathered with friends for dinner at a local restaurant two days earlier and for brunch on Sunday.

Since Obama’s egotistical celebrations, at least eight restaurants were closed for all or part of the past week because of a spike in Covid-19 cases among employees.

Two of the eight establishments will remain shuttered through next week, the local Vineyard Gazette newspaper reported.

Maura Valley, a health agent in Tinsbury, acknowledged that contact tracing hasn’t been completed to determine whether there’s a link to the party.

Nevertheless, critics were quick to blame Obama for the island’s Covid-19 spike, calling him a “super-spreader” and referring to a new strain of the virus called the “Obama variant.”

Others said sarcastically that the infections were harmless because the Obama gathering was “sophisticated,” alluding to a New York Times reporter saying in a CNN interview that the partygoers would be a “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.”


Shockingly…NOT Shockingly, Obama Defenders Play The Race Card

Even though it does not guarantee protection against the fast-spreading Covid-19 Delta variant.

Those defending Obama’s birthday super-spreader argued that the people who attended his party were “encouraged” to be vaccinated.

Others went as far as blaming racism for the deluge of criticism.

“I haven’t seen this much racist outrage over Obama since that time he dared to get paid for a speaking engagement,” one Twitter user said. “So at this point, he’s not allowed to earn money, sell books or have birthday parties. Got it.”



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