Odell Beckham

An arrest warrant in New Orleans has been issued for Odell Beckham Jr. for simple battery after he slapped a police officer during LSU’s national title celebration, according to multiple reports.

The 27-year-old Browns star receiver smacked the butt of a security guard who was chastising Tigers players in the Superdome locker room following LSU’s 42-25 win over Clemson in the national title game on Monday night.

“We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter. They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation,” the Browns said in a statement.

A law enforcement source told NOLA.com that police pushed for a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, but that was declined by a judge. The incident appeared to be put on Instagram by LSU offensive lineman Andrew Magee and surfaced on multiple websites on Wednesday.

It’s the second Beckham controversy that has surfaced in the aftermath of LSU’s triumph. Beckham was also recorded handing money to players while celebrating on the field. After initially claiming that it was fake money, LSU admitted that that the cash was real.

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