Retired Tucson, Arizona police officer Brandon Tatum, who is more popularly known by his moniker ‘Officer Tatum‘ slammed Black Lives Matter (BLM) for their profiting off the propagandizing of only certain black lives that were tragically lost.

Like many of his 1.6 million followers, I’ve been a huge fan of Tatum’s “The Officer Tatum” Youtube channel, but not for the reasons many would think.

Whenever a horrific death affecting the black community happens before writing a single word. I first visit Tatum’s Youtube channel, because his honest assessments helps me to expose my own biases.

Officer Tatum Speaks Truth To Power

Over the past few weeks, TuskerDaily has, unfortunately, reported on the horrific shootings of, Daunte Wright, Ma’Khia Bryant, and Adam Toledo.

The moment the Police bodycam of that incident is released before writing a single word, the first thing I do is visit the “The Officer Tatum” Youtube channel.

In most cases, I’m not disappointed to see Tatum live-streaming his honest breakdown of the footage. 

Having been a Tucson, Arizona police officer for over 6 years, Tatum provides me a valuable resource in police procedures.

But more importantly an insight into what a cop is thinking at critical times, that those of us not having been a law enforcement officer could never comprehend.

For those headline-reading Democrats, it almost goes without saying, that despite not reading a single word of any of his articles, or hearing Brandon Tatum utter a single sound.

They’ll already be on Twitter shrieking, Tatum is regurgitating right-wing propaganda about the Police Officer doing nothing wrong during an incident that ended horrifically for the black person.

And I’m pretty sure that since Brandon Tatum is black, you’ll see words like “Coon” and “Uncle Tom” sprinkled amongst some of the twittering twits imbecilic mob musings.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for the headline-reading Democrat drones to delude themselves into believing that as a retired Tucson, Arizona police officer, Brandon Tatum simply goes down the same Pro-Police rabbit hole so many other Conservative Youtube commentators do.

But, shockingly, NOT shockingly, they’re wrong!

Despite the fact that Tatum, is a former cop, and founder of the conservative, pro-police TatumReport website.

Brandon Tatum unbiasedly breaks down the Police cam footage as he sees it.

In many of his “The Officer Tatum” Youtube videos, Tatum will be far harsher in his criticism of the Police officer’s actions than he is on the person whose behavior resulted in the encounter reaching such a disastrous conclusion.

During his frame-by-frame break down a police bodycam video. Tatum will reprimand an officer for:

  • Exposing himself to danger.
  • Not following procedures that were designed to keep both the officer and the person he’s interacting with, safe.
  • Reprimanding a Police department for allowing such an out-of-shape Officer to patrol the streets.

Officer Tatum Goes Off On BLM

After a rash of Police shootings involving people of color over the past few weeks, “The Officer Tatum” Youtube has been quite busy.

As TuskerDaily has been doing, Brandon Tatum slammed uneducated Black Lives Matter advocates such as Benjamin Crump, LeBron James, and liberal politicians pushing their factless anti-Police rhetoric.

Worse, BLM and their ‘feelings aren’t facts’ puppets in the media have been screeching dangerous false narratives about racist cops only wanting to shoot “innocent” black kids.

Tatum’s anger is understandable, knowing that what these social media stooges and BLM media cohorts are spewing, places the lives of Police officers in grave danger.

In fact, while watching one of his ‘Officer Tatum’ videos calling out LeBron James after the woke NBA activist clearly threatened the life of Columbus Police Officer Nicholas Reardon.

Lebron You're Next Tweet

That video inspired us to write our article titled: LeBron James Where’s Your RIP Tweet To Jaslyn Adams, Tashawn Lee, and Nyaira Givens?

Officer Tatum Goes Off In Epic BLM Rant!

On Monday, Brandon Tatum’s indignation toward the Black Lives Matter organization exploded for all to see.

Tatum went off on an epic live stream rant proving BLM only considers specific African-American deaths worthy enough for the Black Lives Matter organization to profit from.

As he scrolled past the hundreds of innocent black children whose lives were lost amidst a hail of gunfire. 

Tatum grew more outraged over BLM reprehensibly ignoring these innocent black lives because Black Lives Matter hasn’t found a narrative where they could profit off of their horrific deaths.



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