One year ago, former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett apparently decided what his career really needed was a fake hate crime committed against him and CNN was all over it LOL

We’ve never been quite clear on the “why” behind this,  nor am I entirely certain it’s important, but that’s what he decided needed to be done.

There were problems with this story from the beginning, back on Jan. 29, 2019, but that didn’t stop famous people from believing it. This was mostly because the media reported it almost uncritically — until, that is, additional details started emerging.

Details like, oh, that Smollett had told different stories to both the media and the police. That he wouldn’t turn over phone records that would corroborate his story. That he couldn’t explain why the heck a duo of violent conservatives would be hanging around in the Windy City at 2 a.m. ready to attack the third- or fourth-most recognizable person on “Empire” because he was a gay black man and this was how they kept Chicago “MAGA country.”

Those inconsistencies should have bothered every news outlet from the beginning. Instead, it wasn’t just Smollett that ended up looking bad — everyone did.

As the case is about to mark its first anniversary, it’s interesting to look back at CNN’s report on the day the “attack” happened. You can see it in its original form, in fact, because CNN’s done absolutely nothing to take it down or correct it.

CNN Jussie Smollett


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