While I having never visited OnlyFans.com myself I have absolutely nothing against the X-rated site, but after reading a story that was featured in the New York Post about Kelly Stark, I couldn’t help but laugh over what a brain-dead husband she’s married to.

The New Post article: My hubby takes my sultry OnlyFans pics — and our marriage is stronger than ever, opens with:

The saying goes, “Behind every great man is a woman.” But for Kelly Stark, it’s more like, “Behind every great woman’s X-rated snaps is a man.”

While his 50-hours-per-week job as an IT manager pays $250K a year, Stark’s husband has an unusual side gig: Shooting racy material of Kelly for strangers to lust over online.

While we labeled Kelly Stark’s husband a “mental midget,” many would find that description to be erroneous considering the New York Post story stated that Mr. Kelly Stark earns $250k a year as an IT manager.

But what he does for a living, isn’t what we called him a mental midget for.

Nor, do we think he’s mentally challenged, strange, yes, mentally challenged, no, for taking X-rated pictures of his wife Kelly, 45, since apparently, according to the story it works for them.

Clients of the wildly popular OnlyFans app fork over a $9.99 monthly subscription to ogle his pictures and videos of Kelly posing naked in the desert near the couple’s home, soaping up in the shower or wearing lacy underwear and toasting waffles in the kitchen.

Kelly described to the New York Post what it’s like teaming up with her photog spouse for her FansOnly account:

“It’s a fun thing we do together,” which brings an average $6K into the household every month and helps fund the $20K per year she spends on tuition and textbooks for nursing college.

So Why Does TuskerDaily Think Kelly Stark married a piece of driftwood?

Because of what he requested the New York Post omit:

Meanwhile, her significant other, who asked for his name to be withheld for fear of repercussions from bosses at his firm,

Wait. What???

So while Mr. Kelly Stark doesn’t want the New York Post to print his first name…The story provides a load of information, such as:

  • The Stark’s reside in Phoenix, Arizona
  • The post links to Kelly Stark’s Instagram account which has has 167K followers.
  • They have two boys ages 24 and 21.
  • In 2007, she began stripping and pole-dancing at Phoenix nightclubs three nights a week between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m.
  • In June 2019 Kelly Stark, in tandem with studying to be a registered nurse, started simultaneously pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing.

But Kelly Stark’s unnamed husband is so fearful of supposed repercussions from his bosses at his Tech firm if they discovered what he and his wife do in their spare time…

Not only does ‘Mr. Don’t Print My Name‘ let the New York Post print these pictures of him and Kelly in their kitchen, and his sleeve of tattoos…

Kelly Stark’s husband shoots her racy material for her OnlyFans account. Roger Kisby
Kelly Stark’s husband shoots her racy material for her OnlyFans account. Roger Kisby
Kelly and her husband film outdoor content for her Onlyfans’ account. Roger Kisby
Kelly and her husband film outdoor content for her Onlyfans’ account. Roger Kisby

But ‘Mr. Scared of Repercussions’ also let the New York Post shot a video of him and Kelly Stark for the story as well?

Of course, when his Tech bosses do find out what a sleazy side gig he’s running with his wife and eventually fire him from his $250k a year job for his side gig reflecting badly on their company.

Mr. Kelly Stark will surely cry “How in the world did they find out who I was?” While simultaneously accusing the Post (and most likely suing them) for supposedly outing him to his Tech firm.

It’s no wonder this mental midget said “sure, no problem’ after Kelly Stark asked her brain-dead husband if she could be a pole dancing stripper 3 nights a week?


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