Crying Chuck Schumer

After Schumer’s Les Parnas Scheme went Kabloowie, President Trump should send Crying Chuck Schumer a special tweet that reads “This Ain’t Horseshoes, Chuck”


Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), attempted to embarrass President Trump by inviting Lev Parnas, the former Ukraine fixer, to be his guest at the Senate Impeachment Trial.

But unlike the time Donald Trump surprised Bill Clinton with his special debate guests… Chuck Schumer’s plan blew up in his rat-like face.

Lev Parnas, the indicted businessman who claims he worked with President Trump to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, traveled to Washington on Wednesday to attend President Trump’s impeachment trial as Chuck Schumer’s super-duper special guest.

Trailed by TV cameras, photographers and a sign that read “FAIR TRIAL,” Lev Parnas posed for selfies with a pink-hatted woman as he walked from Union Station to the U.S. Capitol building.

“It’s a surreal feeling,” Parnas said. “Right now I’m just going on adrenaline.”


No One’s Ever Accused Chuck Schumer Of Being Smart

But as Lev Parnas sat comfortably inside Chuck Schumer’s Congressional office, the U.S. Capitol Police threw a monkey wrench in Chuck E. Sleaze’s semi-thought out plan to embarrass President Trump.


You’re Not Playing Horseshoes Chuck 

It wasn’t the President that put the kibosh on Schumer’s Lev Parnas surprise.

Lev Parnas was prevented from entering the Senate gallery by a sign reading:

Poor Chuck, never known to be a detail-oriented Liberal Democrat, forgot Lev Parnas had been ordered to wear an ankle bracelet to track his location as he awaits trial on federal campaign finance charges.

Lev Parnas, tail firmly planted between his legs, left in a taxi before the Senate convened, while Chuck Schumer wiped the egg and liberal tears from his face.

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