Parody Alert: After watching another video showing a glassy-eyed Joe Biden stumbling and bumbling about not knowing where he was, a clearly concerned President Donald Trump shocked America by announcing “I Will Not Debate Joe Biden.”

According to our White House source, President Trump tried calling the former VP, only to be informed by his wife, Jill Biden, after being burped, Joe had fallen fast asleep.

Not wanting to disturb his 2020 opponent, President Trump informed Jill that ‘Joe can rest easy’ in his Delaware basement as he no longer has to concern himself with those 2020 Presidential debates.

Unable to reach a sleepy Joe Biden, President Trump tweeted a simple message: “Rest Easy My Friend”:

Donald Trump announces He will not debate Joe Biden

Democrats Shocked…Shocked I Tell You!

Yes, even Democrats found this move quite unusual for Donald Trump who is well known for ‘going for the jugular’ when he senses the slightest weakness in his opponent.

But as we’ve seen in his recently renewed White House Coronavirus Press Briefings 2.0, this is a much kinder, gentler Donald J. Trump who now wears a mask in public and conceded that the Coronavirus pandemic will be with us a while longer.

So in that vein, it’s not surprising that President Donald Trump has taken pity on Joe Biden for which that (D) following Biden’s name no longer represents ‘Democrat,’ but ‘Dementia.’

Last week after Biden’s handlers forgot to padlock his cellar door, thus allowing Joe to wander off his compound and into William ‘Hicks’ Anderson Community Center.

According to sources, President Trump watched in sheer horror as Joe welcomed everyone to Kingswood Community Center. After Joe Biden’s glassy-eyed look of confusion slightly abated, he then blurted out that he actually didn’t know where he was.

President Trump’s supposed, according to the Democrats, cold black heart, which is ironic, considering the Democrats labeled him a racist, experienced a meltdown that rivaled even the one Greta Thunberg had when speaking at the UN in 2019.

Trump: I Will Not Debate Joe Biden

Our source said this new more compassionate Donald Trump, speaking in a voice awash in sorrow, stated:

“Poor Joe, he served America well, but he’ll be 78 years old in November, and while God has blessed him with a load road, he’s clearly running out of real-estate.”

When his aides tried to reawaken the Donald Trump ‘take no prisoners’ fiery spirit that had Hillary slipping-n-sliding her way down staircases.

But having none of it, President Trump cut off his aides like a bartender telling an inebriated Nancy Pelosi ‘it’s 2 am, time to go home you stuttering alcoholic.

But after some long hours of debate, President Donald Trump did acquiesce ever so slightly.

President Trump signed Executive Order #1275 which stated that instead of standing or being relegated to sitting on a stool. Joe Biden will be allowed an easy-chair recliner during the Presidential debates, so he can rest his weary mind between questions.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Presidential Debate