Paul Krugman Ecstatic That COVID Is Killing Florida's Elderly ‘White Supremacists Driving Golf Carts’

After data showed a Coronavirus surge in elderly Floridian’s, the New York Times Paul Krugman giddily tweeted that he was ecstatic that COVID-19 will kill ‘White Supremacists Driving Golf Carts’.

Like all sick delusional mental midget Democrats whose hair is suddenly engulfed in flames if President Trump calls COVID-19 the Wuhan Chinese Virus. The New York Times fake news asshat showed he’s just another leftist hypocrite who made the mistake of tweeting his quiet voice out loud.

Paul Krugman brought being an Asshat Liberal Hypocrite to a whole new level.

It’s sickening to know that Paul Krugman not only thinks of something so repugnant but worse, he types it out, then without the slightest hesitation hits “Send Tweet”:

Even Democrats were shocked over Paul Krugman’s egregious tweet:

Have to wonder if Krugman will once again claim “I was Hacked”

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