A Texas man identified as Paul Murray has reportedly been arrested outside vice president Kamala Harris’ DC residence and charged with firearms offenses.

Paul Murray, 31, of San Antonio, was stopped by Secret Service officers and arrested just after noon on Wednesday right outside of the Naval Observatory, which contains Harris’ residence.

According to CNBC, police arrested Murray in response to an intelligence bulletin from his home state of Texas.

Murray has been charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of a business, possession of unregistered ammunition, and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device.

Was Paul Murray Targeting Kamala Harris?

While it wasn’t immediately clear whether Murray was targeting Vice President Harris, but neither she nor her husband was at the residence at the time.

The vice president and her husband Doug Emhoff do not currently live at the Naval Observatory, as the residence is undergoing renovations.

The second couple is living at Blair House, near the White House.


  1. Which WH? The fake in the PR picture? The one with Donal Trump’s name still on the desk. It looks like they are standing at a green screen.
    If you remember Biden said get a shotgun, so the man was just listening to the president.

  2. Bullshit charges. What can you do with a shotgun without being within at least 50 feet or so from target, Unregistered ammunition? It is just another reason for the libs to scream about “Gun” confiscation of the public’s right to carry. If politicians would do their job that they were elected to do , represent the constitution and the people., there would be no reason to be afraid of citizens with guns.


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