After the Democratic Party takes a hit, as they have with Elizabeth Warren packing up her tepee and exiting from the 2020 presidential reservation.

At least they can count on their stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi to give them the inspirational Pep talk the delusional Donky’s need.

Nancy Pelosi Stuttered:

Part of the reason we won’t have a woman president in 2020 is because our voters are misogynist.

Let Them Speak

As we’ve said from Day #1 if President Trump wants to win in a 2020 landslide victory he only has to follow these campaign rules:

  1. Let Clueless Joe Biden bumble along telling one of his revisionist History fairytales as much as he likes.
  2. Allow Comrade Bernie Bonkers to tell America about his simpleminded socialist plan to fundamentally change the way American’s live in as much detail as he desires.
  3. Invite Nancy Pelosi, and/or Chuck Schumer to speak as much as they desire at every ‘live’ presidential news conferences.

Then come November 2020, Donald J. Trump will win not only win reelection.

He’ll also pull off the most lopsided victory in American presidential election history.




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