In an interview Thursday on CNN’s “New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman,” Pelosi gave former Vice President Joe Biden glowing praise before lying that he’s “addressed” the allegations against him.

Sorry Nancy, it’s only been his campaign that has issued statements denying the allegations, not clueless Joe.

The fact is Joe Biden has not said a single word. And why should he since the mainstream media hasn’t asked him a single question concerning Tara Reade.

The only statement issued has been from Biden’s Deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield who stated: “It’s untrue. It absolutely did not happen.”

To her credit, CNN’s Democrat apologist Alisyn Camerota noted the fact that Biden himself hasn’t issued a statement regarding Reade’s allegations, saying:

“To be clear, he hasn’t addressed it, should he directly, publicly address it?”

To Camerota’s discredit if Mitch McConnell stated something similar, Camerota’s hair would have been immediately engulfed in flames while simultaneously pouncing “That’s Just Not True, Senator”

But when it comes to CNN and being a legitimate news network…Baby Steps.

Pelosi answered Camerota’s by stammering additional falsehoods, before noting that, in essence, any sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden doesn’t really matter to her, because ‘Orange Man Bad”.

“It’s a matter that he has to deal with, but I am impressed with people who worked with him at the time saying they absolutely never heard one iota of information about.

Nobody ever brought forth a claim or had anybody else tell them about such a claim,”

We have an important election coming up. I supported [Biden] as a person of great values, integrity, authenticity, imagination, and a connection to the American people.”

As not only we have reported previously, even liberal leftist MSNBC…Yes, I said MSNBC reporting shows what Nancy Pelosi stuttered was simply an egregious lie.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber almost made it through a segment as a real journalist while documenting Tara Reade’s allegation.

Despite Melber stating earlier “While Biden has not publicly addressed the allegation.

He stubbed his toe when he asked Nancy Pelosi “Are you satisfied with his [Biden] answer?”


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