After President-elect Joseph Biden accused the Defense Department of refusing to brief his transition team on key issues, the Pentagon fired back calling the charge “patently false”.

Senior Pentagon officials issued a bluntly worded statement shortly after midnight, stating that they will resume formal meetings with the Biden transition team after the holiday break as agreed to by both sides.

But the Biden transition team denied that it ever agreed to a holiday break.

On Tuesday Joe Biden claimed that “the Defense Department won’t even brief us” on key issues, including a massive hack of the federal government that most security and defense officials have attributed to Russia.

Biden also added that his transition team isn’t getting cooperation from the Defense Department and is in the dark on the extent of the damage.

Of course, Biden largely blamed the mess on President Trump’s downplaying of the incident, saying “Even if he doesn’t take it seriously, I will,”

Pentagon disputes Joe Biden’s hysterics

A senior Defense Department official rejected Joe Biden’s accusations:

“The [Biden] statement that the ‘Defense Department won’t even brief us, on many things’ is patently false,”

Since Nov. 23, when the [General Service Administration] approved transition activities to occur, the DoD has conducted 163 interviews and 181 requests for information, which greatly exceed what the Biden-Harris team originally requested.”

The department will continue to provide the information and meetings necessary to ensure the continuity of government.

As we’ve said, meetings will begin again in early January, and in fact we’ve begun scheduling them.”

Biden’s supposed rocky transition at the Pentagon comes on the heels of President Trump firing of former Pentagon chief Mark T. Esper and then naming Christopher Miller as acting Defense Secretary in his place.

Miller has stressed that he is fully cooperating with Joe Biden’s team, despite the Biden transition team continuing to claim otherwise.


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