PETA spelled STFU

The liberal lunacy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) strikes again after a spokesperson for the animal rights organization said owners using the word pet is derogatory.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants Animal owners should stop calling their four-legged furry friends ‘pets’ because it’s derogatory and patronizing.

At this point the liberal loony toons should just tell us what we can say that won’t trigger them, because I suspect that list will be far shorter than the ‘I’m outraged’ list they keep adding to.

PETA now claims that calling your pooch ‘Pet’ is comparable to the treatment of women before the feminist movement.

Instead PETA wants your pets to be called ‘companions’ and also want the word ‘owner’ to be replaced with ‘human carer’.

But PETA’s outrage didn’t stop there saying phrases like “flog a dead horse” and “kill two birds with one stone” should also be banned.

PETA's Anti-Animal Language


Liberals Explaining Their Idiocy

On “Good Morning Britain,” Jennifer White of PETA attempted to explain the group’s idiocy to host’s Susanna Reid,and Piers Morgan.

As you may have guessed Piers Morgan wasn’t thrilled upon hearing PETA’s latest stupidity.

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