Petition For Joe Rogan Moderating 2020 Presidential Debate Garners 300k Signatires

Joe Rogan Presidential Debate Moderator
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Despite the cancel culture’s recent attempt on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan, he continues to be one of the most popular, and influential podcasters in the world.
Rogan’s vast support from both the right and the left has now garnered nearly 300,000 signatures on a petition demanding Joe Rogan host one of the three US presidential debates.

The petition was started by Ashton Stowell on has now reached almost 300,000 signatories.

Trying to explain to the US Commission on Presidential Debates why Rogan “would be great” moderating a discussion between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the author claims Rogan “revolutionized the way political interview and discussion work,” by popularizing a format of a long-form, open conversation.

Stowell cites Rogan’s journalistic experience, having hosted politicians and other popular figures “from various walks of life.”

Adding voters have become “disenfranchised” by “mainstream” pundits who, unlike Rogan, “are viewed as having ulterior motives or ties to a certain party.”

The idea has gained a lot of traction in recent weeks ever since Rogan talked about having both President Trump and Joe Biden on his podcast.

While President Trump loved the idea immediately.

While the President was quick to give a thumbs up the Joe Rogan idea. Joe Biden on the other hand has refused to answer yea or nay.

Instead, Sleepy Joe has chosen to lock himself silently away in his Delaware basement just weeks before the 2020 election.

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Of course, Sleepy Joe remaining silent may have to do with…

Joe Rogan calling out the Democrats for Ignoring Joe Biden Butchering the English Language.

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