Please Spay and Neuter Your Washington Post

It’s not just that the more vaunted players in the mainstream media like the Washington Post have become so execrable in the Trump era.

It’s that each outlet like WaPo seems to be working overtime to prove that it is the worst.

The Washington Post, which just happens to be the newspaper of record for the capital of the most powerful country on Earth, decided to devote some effort and column space to let everyone know that the true meaning of Christmas is that the leader of that nation is a super mean man who they don’t like.

WaPo was tricky about baiting readers to its latest “ORANGE MAN BAD!” screed:

From The Post’s Editorial Board: The true meaning of Christmas

What followed was yet another wearisome tantrum from America’s toddler temperament media class (Jazz Shaw wrote about it for our sister site Hot Air).

The Op-Ed by the Post’s editorial board is so foot-stompy that it reads as if it were composed in crayon on a wall while mommy wasn’t looking.


You know when the fake news media mutts such as WaPo reached journalistic rock bottom?

When in 2019 they start attacking and fact-checking as if they were real, parody websites such as the Babylon Bee.

Most likely because the way WaPo, the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC make up so much BS they can no longer can recognize when someone is joking or not.

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